lvl13 geek

Linksys WRT54G

my new wireless router!

so i got irritated with the long cable running from my pc to my laptop. and the fact that the pc needed to be on for my laptop to access the internet. i’d originally figured that since i wasn’t gonna be in singapore for very long, i could do without the router, but i later realised that i can get a free one simply by extending my cable contract. so. tada!

wireless is funky. i’m pretty amazed that i can be downstairs on my laptop and still access internet. even though i don’t really do that (access internet downstairs). and i’ve realised recently that a couple of my neighbours have wireless too but are stingy and password-protected their connections. so… i did, too!

that’s about the only setting i actually fiddled with. everything else came pretty much ready to go out-of-the-box, which is good because the router configuration screen was filled with rubbish options i don’t really understand.

wonder where my techplorations will lead me to next. hmm.


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