being batman

just read this article on how to become batman. haha. it’s funny.

i hate the site’s slideshow layout (it’d auto-advance into the next page after awhile), but after i slowed the thing and kept clicking ‘stop’ every page i looked at, i got used to it.

it basically goes through each aspect of batman’s life and analyses approximately how much $$$ it’d cost. so, looking at the list, if i choose to forgo the car, the cave, the alter ego (damn, no gallivanting around with vacant-minded hot chicks?!?), and the butler, it’d cost just… US$32k?

ok now i know what to do after my bond finishes.


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  1. this dirtying of ur comment box is for disappearing all of a sudden on msn when i was excitedly telling u abt aiyah. hmph.

  2. hey it’s been ages since i came here. and my pc crashed and i lost the link but i suddenly remembered it so here i am.your entries have become more entertaining (all those cool links. ahaha)

  3. haha. gasp. ohmigosh! it’s that one person who reads my blog (who has commented before) i don’t actually know. hullo.i think i’ve just had more free time lately. so. yeah. i guess.

  4. dude! I saw lots of those cows at jurong east interchange today. You can go kidnap one… but I don’t know how you’re going to do that…

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