2x movie recs

chasing amy is pretty darned good.

i first heard of it as a show where some guy tries to romance a lesbian, and i thought wow that’s a pretty cool theme. i mean how many shows like that are there? maybe a lot, but i don’t know of any.

it’s really funny. i liked it. and it’s not just a simple guy chases and gets girl thing. more to it. something vaguely like closer, but not quite as totally weird. more understandable.

even more surprisingly, initial d wasn’t a total flop. in fact, it was quite enjoyable! i thought the dubbing was pretty bad and jay chou was hopeless at acting, but overall… quite good! i liked how the show was like infused with jappy anime-style. i’m not into anime but i think it’s quite funny when actually acted out.

i think some scenes weren’t meant to be funny but were simply hilarious because they were so crappy =P

but yeah, overall, i actually thought it was worth my time! if you’ve just gotta catch a new show this week, this is the one to watch. unless you’re some weirdtaste moviewatcher like cherlene and hates every movie i recommend.


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