Mr & Mrs (Smith?)

a dream i had recently. woke up kinda disappointed it was just a dream. haha. i think it was originally in mandarin so it’s kinda weird translated. and i’m going by memory. but it seemed really nice at that time. romantic? shrug. if only things were this easy in real life.

Mr walks in with flowers in his hand. Mrs looks at him, somewhat bewildered.

Mr: Can you ever forgive me?

Mrs just stares at him blankly. Mr just looks at her and slowly proceeds to cup her chin in his hand. Staring into her eyes, he goes on.

Mr: You know, I’ve forgotten how beautiful you were.

More silence. Mrs starts to look a bit misty-eyed.

Mr: I know I’ve done you a terrible wrong. I know things have gone terribly out of hand, and I know you blame me. I know. But I don’t care about all this. All I want now is the chance to make things right.

Mrs starts to tear.

Mr: Will you give me that chance?


Posted on June 16, 2005, in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. biangz. thats like a universal soap opera scene..haha

  2. come to think of it, that is pretty true… haha. guess it’s just different when it’s a dream u know… maybe when they invent 3dtv…

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