batman began

batman begins is just so damn cool!

i’m a mini-fanboy (not too much lah), so my stance is probably a bit biased, but yeah even my friends agree that as a standalone (ie. if you hate the batman franchise), it’s still a pretty good show.

but i’m still one so this review is fanboy-orientated. haha. aiyor, want a proper review go read life lah! anyway, my main gripes are the costumes, action scenes, and the batmobile.

1) costumes. the show is great and all, but batman still ends up looking like some clown in a rubber suit. scarecrow is some guy wearing a sandbag over his face – what’s up, dude? on the other hand, i think that batman can never really look good in a live suit. the coolness is all in the comics.

2) action scenes were pretty much… well, not the usual kungfu-style stuff. you mainly get blurred scenes of criminal disappearing and all that. i know it’s the intended style (at least, i assume it is) since it’s the way batman fights… from the shadows, trying to whittle them down one by one, etc… but it’s really kinda disorientating seeing the camera jump from place to place. it’s like in my head i know it’s the correct way but in my heart i’m thinking it’s not cool. haha.

3) the batmobile! guess i’m pretty used to all the sleek models from the previous movies (and cartoon and comics) so this… tank… comes as a bit of a shock. but no biggy lah, its just-whack style kinda grows on you. haha.

otherwise, gosh. this is batman, the way you won’t get from any other source (aside from the comics, and only some of the better ones at that). better than the animated series, even. dark, brooding, with his strong almost-psychotic urge to fight crime. it almost gets hollywoodish at the end but just narrowly avoids a horribly happy ending.

good stuff.


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  1. can u give me the making of batmobile ppt or video

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