on digital photography

disclaimer: pictured dude is not guilty of crime mentioned below

dudes, when you take photos with that swanky new digital camera of yours, please take at full resolution!

or at the very very least, something bigger than average desktop size (1024×768).

4 of us were in australia and all of us had our own cams and so we’d decided that the most commonsense thing to do was to use just one of them (the best one). it was only after one particular day halfway through my stay there that i discovered all of the shots had been made in that resolution.

i was quite sad. i mean, if i’d known the powerfuller camera was going to be taking shots at such low resolution, i’d just have brought mine along instead. haiyah.

i can imagine why many of you would take photos at just desktop size. after all, the main idea is just to have pictures you can display on your computer, so taking at the minimum required resolution will allow you to take many many more pictures!

so here i’ve compiled a list of reasons why you SHOULD take more pictures at larger resolutions.

1) some idiots (like me) have a desktop bigger than 1024×768. mine’s 1280×1024, for example. so the photos end up rather small on my monitor. so if you share pictures with these idiots (please do!) they’d end up looking rather small.

2) if the photo was blurry (shakey hands when snapped, for example), it’d usually turn out fine when you zoom out. just try zooming out a lot on one of your blurry pictures and see what i mean. now imagine that 4mp (2272×1704) picture being shrunk to fit your screen. blurry no more!

3) future-proofing. average desktop size used to be 640×480 a few years back. pictures of such size are rather small now. maybe a few years later my 4mp pictures won’t cover the average desktop anymore! and like i said even today desktop sizes are increasing.

4) ey. 1024×768 is like… 0.7megapixels? or slightly more. why’d you fork out money on your spanky new cam if that’s all you’re gonna use? (yeah i realise this point is logically crap but i’m trying to appeal to the singaporean BUY ALREADY MUST USE mentality) ey even camera phones nowadays can take 1mp leh!!!

5) if you want to be a cheekopek. got cute girls/guys in the background? want to take a closer look? if you’re at 1024×768… TOO BAD. zoom in get fuzzy image only. so take full resolution! -thumbs up-

(this is where advanced options come in)
6) printing. say you want to print out your photos. 1024×768? not even good enough for 4R. for 4R 2mp is pretty good, though the higher the better. let’s not even go on into bigger stuff.

7) cropping. let’s say you have a totally great picture but there’s one ugly part somewhere in the picture. with simple image editing programs you can just go ahead and cut out the ugly parts! tada.

8) i’ve run out of reasons so i shall just type random stuff here.

9) and if you don’t have enough memory space get a bigger card! they’re not THAT expensive these days… who needs space for 1000 pictures anyway?!?!?!? aside from ma weiyi.

10) so please send money to me today! just for fun! a thousand dollars would be great.

so you see, ten great reasons to use higher resolutions when taking pictures! yay. essentially the idea is to leave the options open. rather than close them straightaway by taking itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka-dot pictures.


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  1. never knew nikon F65’s flash was at the shutter release. oh wait. or is that ET glow-in-the-dark fingers. hmmm….

  2. ey. yah hor. wonder why. i didn’t add lensflare… reflection? or is it the metering light? that one that shows up to help with focusing. also anti-redeye i think. not too sure.

  3. chey. when u said ur new entry has sth abt photos i thot u were going to post ur holiday pics up.

  4. of all your reasons..i think 5 is the most valid. =)

  5. hahaha your reasons are good. but for untechno-savvy ppl like me, i dun even noe how to adjust my resolution so i really can’t tell wat i’ve bn doing. wah u make me feel gd… u’ve bn to US and back, aust and back, and i’m still away!! whoopeee.. donch ever wanna go back =pamy

  6. i rather like reason #10 myself.

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