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being batman

just read this article on how to become batman. haha. it’s funny.

i hate the site’s slideshow layout (it’d auto-advance into the next page after awhile), but after i slowed the thing and kept clicking ‘stop’ every page i looked at, i got used to it.

it basically goes through each aspect of batman’s life and analyses approximately how much $$$ it’d cost. so, looking at the list, if i choose to forgo the car, the cave, the alter ego (damn, no gallivanting around with vacant-minded hot chicks?!?), and the butler, it’d cost just… US$32k?

ok now i know what to do after my bond finishes.


gotta moove it

remember my post about the moove cow? i still want it! haha. it’s so cute. i want one in the garden! give my mum. haha. think she’d love it.

read this account of an attempted cow theft and was really really amused.

haha and saw this ‘classified’ for one and am actually trying to get in touch with that guy. oh well. see how it goes.

soft shell crab

i don’t usually go novena square food court, so today i was pleased to discover a new (to me) thai stall. called thai recipe or something. so i ordered this curry soft shell crab set there.

the bundled soup and tofu are nothing to hoot about, but the main dish itself was pretty good. but maybe i’m just a SSC fan. the curry doesn’t taste very thai… in fact it tastes something vaguely like the chilli crab sauce. an unspicy version. quite nice lah.

i was wondering what type of crabs have soft shells when i remembered one of my friends (was it henry?) told me before they are cooked shortly after moulting. well i did a quick search on it and it seems he was right.


i’ve just had the weirdest urge to learn something. I want to learn…


(army-learnt cussing simply doesn’t help improve communication with the elders by very much)

i shall nap on that and see if it’s just a superweird impulse thing. haha.

edit: ok the urge has passed. 2h of napping can sure do wonders.


wtf ervin is on people magazine? president scholar not enough ah? grr.

last time got ppl say i look like him, so can i appear on people magazine too? think i can live without a magnetism that transcends gender, though. =P

p.s. no lah i’m not jealous, i’m just kinda amused that he’s someone i actually know (even if i’ve only exchanged like one or two sentences with him in my entire life).

i don't wanna get hurt – i just wanna hurt animals in an extremely unfair and one-sided way.


got the picture from here. i find it extremely amusing, since i may well be the third person to have put that into my personal info.

(was i was i was i?!?)

the story behind it? incredibly funny, but that might just be because i personally know the perpetrators of this nefarious scheme.

lost WHAT’S WITH ANIMAL HURTING. just realised 2 of u same nick.
cool right
you should change yours too
lost ok now wat
feel violent lor
we should come perth together again
and remember to chase the kangaroos
and hurt them in the above stated manner
lost wat is
lost i don’t wanna get hurt – i just wanna hurt animals in an extremely unfair and one-sided way about
lost hahahahahahahahaha
lost u mean u just thot it up just like that?
lost not quoted?
ah well me and jm were talking about hurting kangaroos la
and he suggested chasing them with clubs
but i said they kick
so i’d rather have a sniper rifle or something and attack them from far away.. cos i don’t wanna get hurt, i just wanna yadda yadda
yea thats basically it haha

more mad gep stuff, essentially. haha. oh no. this is killing me. some of us are just too free.


i don’t wanna get hurt – i just wanna hurt animals in an extremely unfair and one-sided way.

2x movie recs

chasing amy is pretty darned good.

i first heard of it as a show where some guy tries to romance a lesbian, and i thought wow that’s a pretty cool theme. i mean how many shows like that are there? maybe a lot, but i don’t know of any.

it’s really funny. i liked it. and it’s not just a simple guy chases and gets girl thing. more to it. something vaguely like closer, but not quite as totally weird. more understandable.

even more surprisingly, initial d wasn’t a total flop. in fact, it was quite enjoyable! i thought the dubbing was pretty bad and jay chou was hopeless at acting, but overall… quite good! i liked how the show was like infused with jappy anime-style. i’m not into anime but i think it’s quite funny when actually acted out.

i think some scenes weren’t meant to be funny but were simply hilarious because they were so crappy =P

but yeah, overall, i actually thought it was worth my time! if you’ve just gotta catch a new show this week, this is the one to watch. unless you’re some weirdtaste moviewatcher like cherlene and hates every movie i recommend.

comic life!

haha. i’ve discovered this program (or rather junda pointed me to it), comic life, which is pretty funky. essentially it allows you to create nifty comics using photos. cool stuff. mac-only. looks like there’re some advantages to using a mac after all!

so for my first comic i chose to do one of the station games we held at meiling’s birthday party. because it’s recent, has a storyline, and was actually pretty fun. also, i’d (amazingly) helped to trigger the events which led to this surprise game being held, even if i had little to do with the its actual planning =P

so essentially before the cake-cutting her boyfriend goes missing and calls to announce that he’s been kidnapped. the comics below should show what happened, click in a left-to-right sequence lah.

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TOW i almost become m1 customer

they charged me standard rates in my latest singtel bill.

i was previously on SAF corporate plan ($14/mth) and had even extended my contract in april because i figured that the $9 difference ($5/mth to suspend plan, retain ur number) was more than made up for by the discounted price i got my hp for.

then comes along this clownish bill and this helpline guy who tells me my corporate plan had just expired so too bad, so sad. and i’m not eligible to extend it now because i’ve ORDed already.

all this because some crappy sales staff at hello shop told me that all was well when i asked if i’d continue paying corporate rate for the new contract? fwah.

obviously i wasn’t gonna be penalised an extra $8/mth for this, so i went down to hello shop, all prepared to be thickskinned and give them a shelling and try to speak to their manager and even cut off my line that day (which probably serves no practical purpose but oh well. stress release).

then comes along this nice sales staff who listens to my story and agrees to extend my corporate plan for me despite my 11B having the ‘NSMan’ sticker on it.

so i’m still a singtel customer, after all.

nice comic

heart of the city is just so cute!

sometimes, anyway.