some links

teachers with humour? amazing! check out this site to see what wondrous jokes teachers can come up with when highly stressed. next time i also must do something like that.

wow is for kids… wow this is funny crap. kids these days… but angmohs learn english faster i think. maybe cos they’re monolingual for the most part.

another review of star wars here. well, not an actual review, but a commentary on the series. it’s quite funny. particularly the ‘drama’ section which uses all those chinese words i can’t fully understand =P

(ey i’m not monolingual ok! how u expect me to have good command of mandarin)

it provides a link to store wars, a totally hilarious spoof which promotes organic foods. it’s funnier than it sounds, trust me.

while we’re on spoofs, here’s one of lotr. done in hokkien and cleverly subtitled for pathetic-at-dialect people like me. it’s funny! have you always hated how gay frodo looks all the time? if so, go watch it now!


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  1. store wars is hilarious!!

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