a long long time ago, in a galaxy far far away…

so i caught episode iii today. i’m not a diehard fan like these guys apparently are, but i rather quite like star wars so i’d agreed immediately when junda suggested catching it as soon as it opened.

(for those who are planning to catch it, i highly recommend the digital version of the show. showing at gv marina and cineleisure among other places, i think.)

it was good (i wish i could say wonderful or superb or something to the like, but it wasn’t really). wayyyyyyy better than episodes i and ii. yeah. it was… starwars quality.

why didn’t it go beyond the ‘good’ range? largely because there wasn’t very much storyline. but c’mon, who watches star wars for the storyline anyway?

it’s all about the lightsabers, man.

anyway ignoring storyline, the movie rates a solid 8.5/10 on my scale. the effects are spectacular. maybe especially so since i watched the digital version – colours were good, picture was perfect (no grain and flicker you get from film), but yeah. plenty of action, some beautiful moments like when various jedi were getting killed, yadda yadda.


individual duel scenes were rather disappointing, though. none of them were particularly fascinating, not even the final one between vader and obi-wan. especially disappointing was the rather quick defeat of general grievous, a cyborg who could wield 4 freaking lightsabers. especially since he’d seemed invulnerable in clone wars. taking out multiple jedi at once. maybe he got injured toward the end or something; i haven’t finished watching clone wars. something i shall remedy tomorrow.

wow ok it’s really late now. think i spent too much time equipping rainman with a lightsaber. haha. oh well.

may the force be with you!


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  1. hahahahaha the lightsaber rainmansee! really funnier nowadays!

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