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eating dust

they’ve all gone so far ahead now. how do i ever catch up?

nobody’s ever gonna wait for you, boy.


lo, the great procrastinator

tmr i leave for perth.

and today i pack my stuff.

and today i unpack my usa/canada luggage.

are ye puny procrastinators ashamed yet? all hail the master!

(i bet some of you are gonna reply with stories of greater procrastinationishness. oh well. it’s good to feel like you’re the best, even if only for awhile.)

some links

teachers with humour? amazing! check out this site to see what wondrous jokes teachers can come up with when highly stressed. next time i also must do something like that.

wow is for kids… wow this is funny crap. kids these days… but angmohs learn english faster i think. maybe cos they’re monolingual for the most part.

another review of star wars here. well, not an actual review, but a commentary on the series. it’s quite funny. particularly the ‘drama’ section which uses all those chinese words i can’t fully understand =P

(ey i’m not monolingual ok! how u expect me to have good command of mandarin)

it provides a link to store wars, a totally hilarious spoof which promotes organic foods. it’s funnier than it sounds, trust me.

while we’re on spoofs, here’s one of lotr. done in hokkien and cleverly subtitled for pathetic-at-dialect people like me. it’s funny! have you always hated how gay frodo looks all the time? if so, go watch it now!

a long long time ago, in a galaxy far far away…

so i caught episode iii today. i’m not a diehard fan like these guys apparently are, but i rather quite like star wars so i’d agreed immediately when junda suggested catching it as soon as it opened.

(for those who are planning to catch it, i highly recommend the digital version of the show. showing at gv marina and cineleisure among other places, i think.)

it was good (i wish i could say wonderful or superb or something to the like, but it wasn’t really). wayyyyyyy better than episodes i and ii. yeah. it was… starwars quality.

why didn’t it go beyond the ‘good’ range? largely because there wasn’t very much storyline. but c’mon, who watches star wars for the storyline anyway?

it’s all about the lightsabers, man.

anyway ignoring storyline, the movie rates a solid 8.5/10 on my scale. the effects are spectacular. maybe especially so since i watched the digital version – colours were good, picture was perfect (no grain and flicker you get from film), but yeah. plenty of action, some beautiful moments like when various jedi were getting killed, yadda yadda.


individual duel scenes were rather disappointing, though. none of them were particularly fascinating, not even the final one between vader and obi-wan. especially disappointing was the rather quick defeat of general grievous, a cyborg who could wield 4 freaking lightsabers. especially since he’d seemed invulnerable in clone wars. taking out multiple jedi at once. maybe he got injured toward the end or something; i haven’t finished watching clone wars. something i shall remedy tomorrow.

wow ok it’s really late now. think i spent too much time equipping rainman with a lightsaber. haha. oh well.

may the force be with you!

pink vespa

this is a pretty complicated story for those who don’t know the characters involved, but right now i’m so amused that i’ve got to pen it down.

how does he go down?
ben he rides a bike.
jm rides a bike?
as in motorbike?
ben ya.
ben it’s a vespa.
since when did he get the license
ben just two weeks back. before he started work.
ben yea i know.
ben IMAGINE him riding a vespa right.
cheebye never tell me
ben must be a funny sight.
thats damn gay
ben anyway the vespa’s pink.
ben apparently he got it for like 2000.
you are smoking me right
ben refuses to respray it.
ben says its a waste of money.
ben can u imagine james wearing a helmet.
what the hell
ben and a pink vespa.
if you ride a vespa
you better wear a gay helmet
you know the world war ii pilot type
with big goggles
ben that’s damn funny.
eh so
on wed
ben anyway the helmet fits the description.
he’ll ride the vespa to louis’ place?
ben i think so.
can take picture
ben ya.

and so jd finds out that ben was crapping him and posts this on his blog (that’s ben’s face in the pic).

and so, well, i did my best to fulfill his wish. check out my latest photoshop art here!

whiny sg guys

i suspect my commentary of the trip will never come about. but oh well.

i’m irritated. the guys at aiyahwhatever adopt a stance which is pretty close to mine. here and here.

and ST seriously misquotes a lot. it’s quite disgusting. out of context. twisting the meaning. in this article there’s one quote which is even twisted to achieve an opposite meaning.

I mulled over this quite a while, not just because it is a sexist comment, but because it reminded me of an equally sexist observation of Singapore girls that friends shared in the past (also sexist, so this comes with a health warning): “Many Singapore girls, while demure, sweet and genuinely nice people, lack opinions on issues and are wishy-washy. Singapore girls are nice but intellectual…


[Philip Yeo’s comments on “whining Singapore boys”] touched a raw nerve in blogger Singapore Ink, who wrote in his weblog: ‘Many Singapore girls, while demure, sweet and genuinely nice people, lack opinions on issues and are wishy-washy.

anyway the ST article is shown below.

May 15, 2005
whips up howls of protest

Critics, especially on the Net, accuse him of making ‘sweeping statement’
By Chua Kong Ho

WHO says we are wimps?

Yes, you are, says Mr Philip Yeo, chairman of the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*Star).

You whine and you are immature even after those years in national service, the veteran civil servant insisted in a recent interview.

His harsh criticism of male scholarship holders has prompted howls of protest, with many accusing him of making a ‘sweeping statement’.

The indignation has been loudest on Internet forums and weblogs.

A posting by ‘Robin’ on the Young PAP Discussion Forum is typical.

‘If he thinks only Singapore women and foreigners appreciate the scholarships, then to make things even, make them serve national service as well. Then, we can see who will be whining, the Singapore boys or his favourite girls and foreigners.’

The controversy erupted when Mr Yeo, fed up with Singapore men breaking their government scholarship bond, told The New Paper about a week ago: ‘I don’t want whining Singapore boys. They are not mature even though they have national service and are over 22 years old when they take up undergraduate studies. They give me so much trouble and waste our precious time.’

He added that he would be better off giving more scholarships to foreign students and Singapore girls.

It touched a raw nerve in blogger Singapore Ink, who wrote in his weblog: ‘Many Singapore girls, while demure, sweet and genuinely nice people, lack opinions on issues and are wishy-washy.

‘Singapore girls are nice but intellectual and decision-making feather-weights.’

However, TalkNoAction on’s Alfresco Coffeeshop believes Mr Yeo is spot on. ‘There is this ‘entitlement mentality’ among scholars that I’ve seen and am disgusted by.

‘The best (of the best) people are very humble and have a sense of duty.’

Like many, IT engineer Pua Yong Hock, 32, chides Mr Yeo for making what he sees as a sweeping statement.

He said: ‘Obviously not all Singapore guys are like that. He’s Singaporean as well, if whatever he says is true, then it applies to himself as well.’

Added businessman Tan Liang Swee, 33: ‘Saying such a thing shows he’s close-minded. There are always good and bad.’

But Mr Yeo said, when contacted by The Sunday Times: ‘It’s a pointed statement. It pinpoints whining Singapore boys, not all Singapore males.

‘Most boys grow up to be men. Between male wimps and mature women, I prefer mature female scholars. Mature male scholars are welcome!’

He also said that women scholarship holders approach senior officers if they have problems and want to appeal against decisions.

They do not whine.

‘They may even put their points of view across in a robust fashion. Forget about old fashioned lady-like,’ he added.

Mr Yeo is well-known for making controversial statements on male scholarship holders.

Back in 1997, he declared that he wanted government scholarship holders who could ‘ski, windsurf and jump from planes’ and who do not look like ‘water lilies’ or ‘yellowish bookworms’.

Some men may wince at his choice of words but Mr Yeo’s outbursts are very likely prompted by the unpleasant fact that government bond-breakers tend to be male and Singaporean.

He is not wrong, maintain women scholarship holders like Ms Chng Zhenzhi.

Ms Chng, 23, who has received an A*Star scholarship, is waiting to attend Harvard Medical School later this year.

She said: ‘It’s quite obvious that the female scholars are more aggressive, Type-A, go-getting types, while the males are more soft-spoken and tend to be easily bullied by females.’

To her, Singapore males are fine until they go into the military for their national service.

‘Once they enter NS, they complain a lot. I didn’t know that guys could talk about the most minute things.

‘Perhaps, they’re not used to the physical training or regimentation,’ she added.

Ms Chng attributes the women’s behaviour to their attitude.

‘The female scholars I hang out with – we know that getting the scholarship is not an entitlement, but a privilege.

‘People start complaining when they don’t understand that it’s a privilege – that they don’t automatically deserve a scholarship.’

scary blogosphere

the blog world is getting too scary! i might just add a disclaimer soon. something along the lines of…

the ideas on this page do not reflect the actual thoughts of the writer. any offence caused is accidental and made purely in jest.
(unless i meant it, dumbass.)

gender genie

check out the gender genie when you’ve got the time, man. it’s quite amusing. not 100% accurate of course (what could be?) but still pretty amusing. basically it attempts to guess the gender of the writer of whatever text you paste into it.

funnily enough xianna seems to be a male writer and weiyi seems to be a female one =P

yawn i hate jetlag. took a nap slightly before 8pm and woke up at 4am. what the hell.

home sweet home

yeah. i’m home already. and jetlagged. despite my attempt to stay up the night before i flew and resync myself to sg time, i find myself wide awake at 5am after reaching home around 3 hours ago.

2 weeks makes for a really long vacation, man. i was really quite weary at the end of it all.

and later today i have to check if this one single warrant officer who hasn’t signed my clearance form (because he wouldn’t sign my form before i flew cos it was too early and wouldn’t sign while i was overseas because he wanted me to get it done in person) is in. and what time he’s in. so that i can get my form signed and collect my nric once and for all.

inefficiency in the SAF… ah it all feels so familiar. i’m home!



i’d type some crap about saluting the SAF farewell goodbye and all that, but i’ve decided that i really hated my stint in the army.

so. i’ve Served And F***ed off already, as they like to say.

anyway i’m in canada right now, the capital (ottawa) and apparently in the french part of it. the keyboards are weird. if i`m not careful i`d énd up mixing somé wéird characters into my words.

i could probably have lived without the internet all the way until i get back till my brother’s place, but i just had to blog about this milestone of my life =P

oh wéll.