in the states

ok i’m in the states now. have been here for a few days already in fact. at my uncle’s place in this place called conyers, georgia. don’t worry if you’ve never heard of them before – neither have i. well georgia i’d heard of (it’s one whole state after all) but not conyers. haha. in fact i don’t really know where i am on the map. shall look it up when i’ve got time.

i’ve got quite a bit to write about but i don’t know where to start. hmm. i’d probably update at a later time. or something. maybe at the end of this leg of the journey. when i’m in michigan.

any orders for presents? haha. see you guys in… uhhh. 2 weeks’ time? yeah.


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  1. yes! lots and lots of pretty abercrombie clothes. thankew.i’ve told u already. DON’T COME ONLINE! tsk. (oh but if u do, check ur icq)

  2. well if you can somehow bring flamethrower over, i promise to let you play with it too! haha. hope you’re having fun over there.

  3. what’s with abercrombie and fitch?!? so many girls (fine, 2) asking me to get. i dunno lah… walked by a retail store once and it looked pretty pricey… and i totally don’t trust my judgement in clothes.unless you like send me screenshots of what to get =P

  4. it’s not just girls, actually. haha.. anf is quite quite decent. sometimes.i realise i’m coming online a lot more nowadays. hm.


  6. that took awhile for me to decipher. haha. y, ever heard of email? =P

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