up, up and away!

i’d be off to america in just about 4 days’ time to attend my brother’s convocation. plus tour around a little while we’re at it. superlong flight with a stopover in japan. gosh it sounds so tiring.

plus i have this irrational fear of flying so i’m actually getting rather nervous haha.

but well being my first foray into the US of A, i’m quite excited anyway. never mind that i’m visiting super untouristy areas like michigan and atlanta. it’s still… new! i guess. i dunno why. it defies logic, but it’s exciting nonetheless. haha.

and i’d ORD while abroad. isn’t that funky. actually it’s not, it just means i collect my NRIC a little later. no biggie.

and then like the last week of may, i’d be headed for perth with a bunch of sec sch friends! yet another not-too-exciting place. haha. but fun nonetheless. i hope. it’s the company which matters, right? at least, that should be the way.


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  1. good luck on the flight. i watched 12 movies in total, to and fro. yawn.

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