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in the states

ok i’m in the states now. have been here for a few days already in fact. at my uncle’s place in this place called conyers, georgia. don’t worry if you’ve never heard of them before – neither have i. well georgia i’d heard of (it’s one whole state after all) but not conyers. haha. in fact i don’t really know where i am on the map. shall look it up when i’ve got time.

i’ve got quite a bit to write about but i don’t know where to start. hmm. i’d probably update at a later time. or something. maybe at the end of this leg of the journey. when i’m in michigan.

any orders for presents? haha. see you guys in… uhhh. 2 weeks’ time? yeah.


nothing is impossible…

just caught boeing boeing (aka ‘boing boing’ to lester). it’s funny!

that’s the end of my review. i liked it lah. i don’t go to watch plays much so i’m no expert. but i think theatre is like one of the few areas of ‘singapore art’ which is actually competent. bleah.

for a better review you can head here. dunno if they still have seats (probably do), but i recommend it! go watch! book tickets now!

racist psc scholar?

so i read about this cheng zhan dude and his blog on ST today. ok, so those are pretty icky thoughts to be having. so it’s very unbecoming of a person who may assume a position of power in the civil service in the future.

hello? is no one at all disturbed that these opinions have been lifted off a password-protected (albeit poorly), supposedly private, blog? it’s not like he was broadcasting these thoughts as propaganda. he’s not even in power yet (if ever). opinions might change. even if not, personal opinions can be held in check easily by rational people. MM Lee can do it, why other people cannot?

now i’m worried someone will sneak into my blog 5 years from now and say WAHLAU EH! english teacher never use proper grammar or punctuation. REPORT HIM TO PRINCIPAL! make them SACK HIM! my blog’s not even password-protected! people can say i was trying to spread the use of singlish!!! jialat.

i guess it’s only normal. if you’re someone important (or something like that) your private life is judged, regardless of how well you function in your job. like that mp who had to resign because of nude photos. or bill clinton, those years ago.

i probably sympathise with this guy because i have some unenlightened thoughts myself (to be specific, i’m rather homophobic. those guys/girls just freak me out). so yeah maybe some of you are so enlightened that unlike me, this guy’s thoughts seem totally out of the world to you. but that’s the thing. they’re just thoughts. (stupidly) recorded, perhaps, but thoughts nonetheless. the day people are judged based on their thoughts rather than their actions, well… i think the convicts will grossly outnumber the free.

i suppose i’m more disturbed about it because i’m also the kind who opens up more on the net. reveal stuff i usually don’t, etc. so… yeah. this is freaky for me. haha. i highly doubt i’d ever be in a position where the critical horde of singapore starts to judge me (i’d be just another small fry in the civil service after all), but it’s freaky all the same. like… somehow, it’s not safe anymore.

on the telephone line i am anyone, i am anything i want to be. but god help you if you are simply… yourself.

up, up and away!

i’d be off to america in just about 4 days’ time to attend my brother’s convocation. plus tour around a little while we’re at it. superlong flight with a stopover in japan. gosh it sounds so tiring.

plus i have this irrational fear of flying so i’m actually getting rather nervous haha.

but well being my first foray into the US of A, i’m quite excited anyway. never mind that i’m visiting super untouristy areas like michigan and atlanta. it’s still… new! i guess. i dunno why. it defies logic, but it’s exciting nonetheless. haha.

and i’d ORD while abroad. isn’t that funky. actually it’s not, it just means i collect my NRIC a little later. no biggie.

and then like the last week of may, i’d be headed for perth with a bunch of sec sch friends! yet another not-too-exciting place. haha. but fun nonetheless. i hope. it’s the company which matters, right? at least, that should be the way.

level up!

Free Image Hosting at

i’ve transcended my previous geek level and have risen to an all-new level of geekiness! (sorry for the repetition, i can’t quite think of an effective synonym for ‘geek’ – it’s just such a cute word)

pictured is a totally new computer which i assembled from scratch. using a lot of spare parts from my previous computer, it’s really cheap, considering the specs. p4 2.4, 1gb ram, geforce 5600 card… wah.

there’s still quite some troubleshooting to do, like it wasn’t able to connect to the net earlier… but i’ve got lots of time to get it working. just that i’m feeling lazy now and will probably do it some other day. haha.

Heroes of WoW

i’m highly amused by this comic. i’ve no idea if it’s funny to someone who doesn’t play WoW, but heck, it’s absolutely hilarious to me.

plus, the artwork is really good! cute.

ostentatious goods

just got myself a new phone again. Nokia 6020.

yes i know, it’s only been a few months since i got myself the n-gage qd (i bet some of you are gonna snigger again) but yeah i finally decided that i can’t stand the phone’s bulk anymore.

and since i’ve stopped going to camp and having crappy guard duty or stoning hours when i can’t logon or play computer games, the games (which i never played) and videoplaying functions just aren’t that cool anymore.

and all the cool extra features symbian os offers are just… too smart for me. haha. i don’t use them lah.

and my sister plays the games too much. mother complaining liao. so. downgrade loh!

i actually left home planning to get the 6170 but decided instead to save the $140 price difference and get my new phone instead. the features were comparable anyway, and i figured that $140 was really too much to pay for just liking the 6170’s steel look.

so happily i went home and surfed the web a bit and to my horror realised that the 6021 is due for release soon. and it has bluetooth! which i want. freaking.

then i realised that it has gained bluetooth but lost the camera function. so i decided i think i prefer the camera function so it’s no big deal after all. haha.

ok off to familiarise with the phone. dunno how to use it now. hmm.


a site to recommend.


my favourite (for now) is probably this one.

essentially a collection of highly amusing (and very stupid) comic book covers. and some panels. showing how dicky superman is.

i suspect most are intentionally shocking (but unrelated to the inside story) to get buyers. but well. i dunno.

it’s just amusing.

april fool comics?

there’s something weird about a few of the comics i read today. ok, just 3 of them, but there’re probably a couple more i don’t follow.


get fuzzy

pearls before swine

in other news today, google used my picture yesterday! or rather, the painting i’m using as my msn messenger profile picture. well, kinda. it looked like this. kinda funky, huh? but it’s gone now. wonder what that was all about.