a li'l rain, marital contentment, and bbq love

splish splash.

it’s days like these when i’m so thankful we have modern housing and can stay nice and dry instead of getting drenched out there or suffering leaky roofs and stuff. or being in the army getting footrot in some forest.

(i still have vestigial traces of it, by the way. footrot. irritating. hopefully it’d go away soon, now that i’m bootless most of the time)

i mean, when i say standing in the rain, i’m thinking light shower, not a freaking thunderstorm.

last night i dreamt that i got married. i think to some dunmanian i knew pretty long ago. can’t really remember. haha. but anyway. here’s the sketchy details.

basically it’s this friend i used to talk to like 7 years ago? so i got in touch with her again for some reason. i’ve never been interested in her, so this dream is pretty weird. initially yeah still not interested in her, then along the way she reveals that she likes me. so suddenly i look at her in a new light and end up dating her even though i don’t really like her.

then in the end get married lor. and i was contented. that’s like, scary.

i’m usually somewhat of a cynic, but i still look forward to the time when i can find someone i really love, who loves me back, for who we are. despite (maybe becausee of) our imperfections. it’d start off really passionate and slowly cool to the heat of glowing embers which still warms the heart.

kinda like a barbeque.

and then we have children who we are superproud of and adore however smart/dumb and beautiful/ugly they are.

and then in our twilight years we still love each other and kiss and embrace much to the youngsters’ disgust. or if we have aged gracefully then they’d sigh and wonder if they’d ever find true love such as this.

(the latter effect is preferable but hey, you can’t have everything yah?)

and the word divorce has always been anathema to us. actually no, it’s just a foreign word which really confuses us as we hear more and more about it in this sucky world.

and rereading all the stuff i’ve typed out, i’m reminded once more of how much a dreamer i can be some times. and also why i’m still single.

anyway. so that’s why this dream is so scary. to me. at this time when i am still dreaming of a bbq love, this microwave affair i’d dreamt up is just so… disappointing. and i’m satisfied with it? no way.

these charcoal sticks aren’t anywhere near their expiry date, baby.



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  1. We all have dreams, nothing wrong with that. Dreams are what we strive to achieve, and who knows you might achieve yours yet. The important thing is to end up happy with what you have, contentment is not ALL bad. =P

  2. bbq love? microwave affiar? Hahaha, that is just so funny!

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