clear leave loh! for real this time.

½ day more and 2 more duties!

i’m free from tomorrow onward. reason being i was forced to have a lesson on 120405 (leave day!) since my branch is understaffed, so i whined and bitched and wheedled my way into taking off for tomorrow as ‘repayment’. muahaha.

so i left early today from work and dropped by mindef for awhile. sorta an ord visit, see my old officers and fellow clerks. they’re mostly still there! and they’re really nice to me. made me feel really welcome. not like my current ^#@!^%!%^ office. fwah.

anyway yeah they were really nice! talked to me and stuff. told me how i was better than my replacement(s) (my previous understudy ORDed already so it’s my grandunderstudy in there right now). and stuff. my big boss (yeah the retired BG) even told me, “there is one reason you didn’t get into ocs. that is your service balance.” essentially, didn’t have enough time left to become an officer. haha. dunno if he was trying to make me feel better, or he’d actually researched. but it’s a nice gesture anyway. bothering to tell me that.

not that it makes a big diff at this point in time, but yeah it’s just nice.

½ day more and 2 more duties!


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