i’d be clearing leave soon (hooray! thank you, lord, for good friday) and i think it’s really easy to just let the days drift away, when you’re without direction. and i don’t really want to spend every day of my post-ORD playing World of Warcraft (attractive as that option might seem).

so i was thinking of a few goals i should set for myself. some smaller, some bigger, try to achieve all these stuff. to make sure my time doesn’t just go to waste.

try new things. this isn’t actually as vague as it sounds – i mean new activities, probably sports. i’m probably going diving next month! wah so happening right. and i’ve got a new interest… water sports! particularly jet skiing. haha. see if i can cultivate this interest at a later time. and yeah some of the other things on this list count as ‘new things’ but they’re more concrete goals so i’m still listing them out anyway.

first aid course. back in 2003 i was interested in being a certified first-aider. i think it’s a great thing to be! the crappy course i got in bslc wasn’t of much help. or maybe it’s because i’ve forgotten everything i learnt there. plus i never did get my cert, apparently my rank was printed wrongly and they had it sent back. stupid. same reason i don’t have a bslc cert.

anyway, i think first aid is a great thing to know. and not just so you can mouth-to-mouth the gorgeous babe who almost drowned at the beach (think typical tv scene). i’m thinking more on those times when someone’s hurt and you don’t know what to do. or you have a rough idea but it’s based on hearsay. i think it’s really sucky to want to help but simply do not know how.

fitness. haha. theoretically i should be starting my regime now. but. lazy me. my aim is to maintain silver when i come back for reservist so i can get that extra $200 per year. plus remain healthy (healthier, anyway). so.. yeah. need to do some work in the meantime, i guess.

faith. i want to work on this, but i’ve no idea where to start. really. thinking of seeing how when overseas. those uni groups and stuff should be more enthu in discussions of such nature. i think.

birthday gifts. this is the year of the 21sts. though i usually don’t get presents (because i so suck at getting them), i’d really like to do otherwise this year. individual, nice, meaningful ones if possible. but since yeah i’m so sucky at getting gifts i suspect most of you won’t be getting any. larlarlar. see how lah. try my best ok? otherwise i’d just ‘chip into the fund’ or something. as usual.

photoshop. i’ve always found editing pictures to be pretty fun. it’d be nice if i knew how to edit them really really well! haha. right now i’m doing things in a really basic manner. manually editing and stuff. and still not bad right! heh. so must learn more powerful stuff leh. maybe borrow the dummies book or something.

riding. ok i’m not so on about this. haha. but i’ve always been vaguely interested in knowing how to ride. as in like motorbike. add a ‘class 2’ line to my license. but i think in the end it’s just a waste of money so i guess not.


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  1. eh you dive?as in u have a c card?

  2. oh no. the ‘diving’ is part of the course for the padi watever thing. and it’s not finalised… need more ppl! sigh. and found out about the safra thing too late. bah.

  3. eh i went for one of those first aid courses as part of my EOD training.. think i have a cert and one of those “qualified to give first aid” cards. forgot everything though haha. so yea when you go for it you can teach me again.. haha

  4. Hey..go on food trail leh..hahah.. I’ve been saying for a long time but not much action taken..=p

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