more on birthdays

today is weiwen’s 21st birthday. so at midnight a bunch of us gathered in his void deck and went up to kachiao him give him a surprise.

a bunch of us, btw, was a bloody lot of us. including 4 girlfriends, but since he actually talked to them (i think), it’s not so bad. total… 13 ppl? i think.

it was coordinated through his sister so his family kinda knew what was coming and wasn’t disturbed in the process. at least, i hope so.

actually, he’d already expressed his disdain for big celebration things so some of us expressed concern that he wouldn’t like it. but i didn’t really think so… if a bunch of your friends (at least some of them being close ones) decided to pop by your place and surprise you for your birthday, wouldn’t you be happy?

or maybe he’s secretly pissed we interrupted his maple story. =P

anyway he seemed quite happy at the end of the whole thing which is great. actually i had absolutely nothing to do with the planning of this whole thing. i’m not particularly spontaneous. probably more importantly, i’m probably not that close to him already. seldom talk these days. hmm. but it’s nice to meet up again lah. after so long.

so much more meaningful than expensive buffet dinners held at hotel-like environments, don’t you think?


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  1. that “kachiao” then strike off thing is so bubblemuche! =P

  2. a feathered fowl.

    mm.. i’m glad my worries were unfounded, but i think we were just lucky? not everyone is partial to surprises, me included. or maybe i should just stop worrying so much :p

  3. y>>Imitation is the sincerest of flattery.- Charles Caleb Coltonfeathered>>i think they’re unpartial to surprises only if it’s from weird strangers they hardly talk to or ppl they don’t like or something. so maybe in that sense we are lucky heh.

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