unexpected windfalls

yesterday i checked my leave balance and found out i had 1.5 days more leave than expected. i then applied for off this coming monday.

it’s not really a spend-as-you-receive type of thing, it’s just that i’d be busy the rest of the coming mondays and fridays so it’s probably the only long weekend i’d be able to have. hmm. anyway that happens to be the last day i get to play world of warcraft for free =P

today’s a half day too (actually i should be on my way to jurong water park already but i woke up late. good thing i only need to be there at 0830hrs). well, sorta. unit anniversary. so… go have water games for half day and go home. good stuff. this tuesday was signal anniversary so it was half day too. after some telematches in camp and finger food. the latter was pretty good, surprisingly.

add this to that national education tour last friday (went to little india and chinatown and left for home at around 12), that makes 3 half-days (effectively non-working days) these last 2 weeks. free! i like. hope there’s more to come, but i kinda doubt it. oh well.

edit: today (5 march) i login and find that my world of warcraft account has been extended by 2 days. what the heck? haha. more and more. i should buy toto this week, man.


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  1. Haha I can sense the ORD mood slowly building up in you.. lol.

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