10-day recluse

whew. world of warcraft sure is addictive.

i haven’t bought it yet, but borrowed a guest pass (essentially a free 10-day trial, apparently it’s coming with the regular version of the game these days) from weiyi who recently got it. it’s fun. i think i’d be getting it myself, but i’d try to start only when i’m over at york, so i don’t end up cooped up at home all the time before flying over.

just like i shall be this week =P

if you’re asking why i’m willing to be cooped up at home all the time when over there… well, sources tell me i won’t really have much to do there anyway. so. haha.

a bunch of us were playing taboo the other day at allan’s place. astonishingly… quite fun! the most memorable phrase would have been “mad cow disease”… with weining going something like “moo moo” then proceeding to moo madly. words don’t do it justice. suffice to say it’s really amusing.

i think the last time i played it was in primary school? though i remember it favourably. hmm. i think this type of game is great when you’re teaching english. makes it more fun. and i’m sure there’s some extra curriculum time where it could be slotted in. especially for primary school.

hmm. if i’m going to be teaching either maths or english, i think i would really much prefer english.

while looking up taboo on amazon, i came across another game… balderdash. it looks really fun. anyone wants to buy it? =P

all this has reminded me of a joke for some reason. there’s no relation at all, but here it goes anyway.

a bear was shitting in the woods. He looked down beside him and there was a rabbit doing the same. “Does the shit stick to your fur?” asked the bear. “No,” said the rabbit. “Good,” said the bear, who scooped the rabbit up and used him to wipe his arse.


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  1. aiyah!!! why you post such a stupid joke?? gross. how am i ever gonna hug my rabbit again?!

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