the french stall

today i went to the french stall. it’s some place along serangoon road selling french food at fish n co ranged prices. i ordered french onion soup and pork loin, dillion got dory fillet, and henry got a pork chop set. we also ordered escargot and mussels on the side.

first came the appetisers. french onion soup came with some mozzarella bread in it. i liked it. henry got the soup of the day and a platter with some bread and what looked like mushrooms. dillion and i, of course, took the opportunity to liberate some of those. about one or two slices each. they tasted rather weird, but we attributed it to the olive oil taste.

next came the mussels (i guess they’re appetisers too, but they came in the second wave). not too bad, but not great.

then the main course. the pork loin was really nice. covered with creamy mushroom sauce, with some extra mushrooms on top, it was served with fried potato slices. yummy. dillion’s fillet was ok, though the mashed potato tasted of pear which was quite weird. henry’s pork chop was normal. not too great.

happily i noticed that i got the best food of the day =P though all in all it was still rather pricey for a normal-tasting meal.

we noticed that we hadn’t seen the escargot yet, so we notified the waiter. he came back a minute later and told us it had already been served. he then pointed to a small platter on the next table – with bread and mushroom-like deshelled snails in it.

thank goodness we’d all tried it already =P

anyway, here’s a totally unrelated comic weiyi just sent me.


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  1. i went to the french stall before too! near my place! not that good leh.

  2. u mean u din try the chocolate cake??!! tt’s the best! it doesn’t look fantastic, but when u eat it… yum!-me

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