cny visiting

these few nights have been rather busy.

wed – reunion dinner at grandma’s.
thu – guard duty. bah.
fri – went to a warrant officer’s place. nothing much, just watched kung fu hustle (again. groan) and watched them play blackjack. with bets ranging from $2 to $10. wow.
sat – friend’s place.

and today (sunday) i actually tried new stuff! haha. first. in the afternoon. my first karaoke session. reaffirmed that i can’t sing. bleah. although i did reasonably well in tears in heaven, i think. hmm. but it was fun lah. not like the others there were very good as well. well some were not bad. shucks. practising since young, i bet. tsk.

and for some reason english songs don’t seem very good to sing. haha. and chinese songs, i don’t know the lyrics, so very irritating. the words appearing on the tv are in 繁体 (fan ti) so i can’t really make them out very well. gah.

but it’s fun lah. haha. trying to sing, and observing others do it.

then my friend’s place for dinner. this time i had my first brush with gambling. as in really gambling lah, with money. played simple card games. a bit of blackjack and some in-between game. think i made about $6 today. wasn’t really counting, so it’s an estimate. oh well. haha not good to do it too much lah. shall limit it to the cny period.

still, it’s great to have done something new. even if it’s something so trivial. yay. change is on the way!


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