cny larlarlar

i’m home at 0945 on cny eve. our celebration was really quick. hooray! that almost puts me in the cny mood already =P

too bad about guard duty tmr. as it is, no one did anything horrible enough to kena extra duty and replace me. shucks.

i’m supposed to be on off on friday, but i’ve heard that we can zao early… after this radio prac test (maybe about 4h?)… so yeah i think i’d cancel the off and enjoy the free halfday. hmm.

my counterfeit passport photo got rejected! shucks. not because of poor quality photoshopping, though… more of the angle. apparently you need a front-on shot. not the body tilted sideways because there’s actually someone beside me type. dang.

apparently constantine doesn’t suck! i was quite interested by the trailer. and i’ve read comics (neil gaiman’s sandman) where the character appeared. so. haha. interested lah. shall try to catch it this weekend or something.

i’m currently hooked on csi. coolness. that’s what it is. and the theme song rocks. who are you? who, who, who, who? haha.

happy lunar new year, guys. for those of you who enjoy cny anyway.


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  1. happy cny!!! lalallaa.*stuffs bak kwa into face*

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