movie matters

seems like it’s good-movie season right now, with lots of the golden globe nominees screening recently.

i watched finding neverland today. it was fantastic. i can’t really begin to describe it… suffice to say it far exceeded my expectations. which weren’t very high anyway, thanks to its rather boring trailer.

also caught hotel rwanda recently, it was quite good. but probably the impact on me wasn’t that great because i’d caught schindler’s list just awhile back. while it’s two different events, the plot was just too similar to make the same type of impression on me. but good anyway. made me look up the history of the place a little.

Golden Globe Nominees

My Very Own Movie Review Scores
(based solely on how much i enjoyed the film, on a scale of 1-10)


(6) The Aviator
(?) Closer
(9) Finding Neveland
(7) Hotel Rwanda
(8) Kinsey
(?) Million Dollar Baby


(10) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
(9) The Incredibles
(2) The Phantom of the Opera
(?) Ray
(?) Sideways

yeah i didn’t enjoy the phantom. so sue me. left with four more movies to catch. i’m interested in closer and ray. the other two didn’t particularly impress me with the trailers, but they DID win (not just get nominated) stuff so should be quite good? i’d probably catch them sometime, even if not in cinema. see how the peer reviews go. haha.


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  1. yea. phantom wasnt good. disappointing only.

  2. finding neverland’s fantastic?!?! i thought it was more boring than the trailer. yaWnz. -_-and phantom is good okay. dun focus on plot, acting or the singing since it’s a musical (and almost everyone has watched it before in the theatre), focus on the props/settings, lighting, costume, dance choreography, camera blah and overall special effects..ggrrr..

  3. likewise, i found the incredibles really dumb as well. somemore, got no pacing one. dunno why all my friends like it so much.. eeeeeks -_-

  4. what!??! finding neverland… the incredibles… no heart lah you. =Panyway like i said, i based it on my overall enjoyment. MY. OVERALL. so i’m not focusing on anything. i’m just saying i didn’t like phantom. bleah.

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