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10-day recluse

whew. world of warcraft sure is addictive.

i haven’t bought it yet, but borrowed a guest pass (essentially a free 10-day trial, apparently it’s coming with the regular version of the game these days) from weiyi who recently got it. it’s fun. i think i’d be getting it myself, but i’d try to start only when i’m over at york, so i don’t end up cooped up at home all the time before flying over.

just like i shall be this week =P

if you’re asking why i’m willing to be cooped up at home all the time when over there… well, sources tell me i won’t really have much to do there anyway. so. haha.

a bunch of us were playing taboo the other day at allan’s place. astonishingly… quite fun! the most memorable phrase would have been “mad cow disease”… with weining going something like “moo moo” then proceeding to moo madly. words don’t do it justice. suffice to say it’s really amusing.

i think the last time i played it was in primary school? though i remember it favourably. hmm. i think this type of game is great when you’re teaching english. makes it more fun. and i’m sure there’s some extra curriculum time where it could be slotted in. especially for primary school.

hmm. if i’m going to be teaching either maths or english, i think i would really much prefer english.

while looking up taboo on amazon, i came across another game… balderdash. it looks really fun. anyone wants to buy it? =P

all this has reminded me of a joke for some reason. there’s no relation at all, but here it goes anyway.

a bear was shitting in the woods. He looked down beside him and there was a rabbit doing the same. “Does the shit stick to your fur?” asked the bear. “No,” said the rabbit. “Good,” said the bear, who scooped the rabbit up and used him to wipe his arse.


tech dilemma

i’m wondering if i want a 15″ Apple PowerBook. attracted by the looks, the viruslessness, the stability, and the performance. put off by price (though will be ok with moe’s subsidy =P, and if i can get it through my brother’s uni discount, i can save about $800-1000 from the sg price! wow.) and how i’d have to change a lot of my computing habits when migrating over. and how hard it is to get software cheaply. heh.

if i don’t get a mac i think i might get the toshiba satellite m30. pretty display, good speakers. yeah.

i’m also thinking of letting go of my n-gage qd. too bulky for my liking lah. my first phones were the 8250 and 6100… sleek small stuff. fit in my pocket nicely. plus, after ord, i won’t really need all the entertainment it provides… haha.

the problem is, the recent phones are all indecently expensive. like this 6170 i’ve been eyeing… less features than my qd (save the camera, perhaps), but way more expensive! like maybe $300 more or so. that’s crazy. i’d be paying money to downgrade.

maybe i’d just get back another 6100 or something. probably should have done that initially anyhow. i mean, i appreciate all the extra features the n-gage has, but it’s something i can live without. hmm.

oh well. lots of time to decide what to do about the gadgets. think i’d just sleep on it first. =P

the french stall

today i went to the french stall. it’s some place along serangoon road selling french food at fish n co ranged prices. i ordered french onion soup and pork loin, dillion got dory fillet, and henry got a pork chop set. we also ordered escargot and mussels on the side.

first came the appetisers. french onion soup came with some mozzarella bread in it. i liked it. henry got the soup of the day and a platter with some bread and what looked like mushrooms. dillion and i, of course, took the opportunity to liberate some of those. about one or two slices each. they tasted rather weird, but we attributed it to the olive oil taste.

next came the mussels (i guess they’re appetisers too, but they came in the second wave). not too bad, but not great.

then the main course. the pork loin was really nice. covered with creamy mushroom sauce, with some extra mushrooms on top, it was served with fried potato slices. yummy. dillion’s fillet was ok, though the mashed potato tasted of pear which was quite weird. henry’s pork chop was normal. not too great.

happily i noticed that i got the best food of the day =P though all in all it was still rather pricey for a normal-tasting meal.

we noticed that we hadn’t seen the escargot yet, so we notified the waiter. he came back a minute later and told us it had already been served. he then pointed to a small platter on the next table – with bread and mushroom-like deshelled snails in it.

thank goodness we’d all tried it already =P

anyway, here’s a totally unrelated comic weiyi just sent me.

ulterior motives

so i was on msn yesterday when this ex-classmate of mine messages me out of the blue. i was weirded out, being the antisocial person i am, but decided to give it a go since i thought he was probably just trying to be nice. so after the usual hello how’s life what’s up here’s what happened…

(bold text quoted from his messages, italicised text paraphrased from my thoughts)

me working now hehe

ok really? wow. haven’t ord yet summore. as what?

its damn fun, a life changing exprience
it realli changed me

wow so powerful ah.

u free anytime this week?
in e evenings, after u book out

this is starting to smell fishy. but i’m polite so i shall pretend that work at camp is still occupying my time. what’s it about?

would like to meet up n tell u all about it
and tell me wat u think of it after that

aiyor you sound like you’re trying to brainwash me and recruit me into something. just give me a whiff of the smelliness now before i think about getting off my lazy butt will ya?

i believe its better if we meet face to face, more sincerity that way
thats one of the most valuable things tht ive learnt
u’re one of e most intelligent guy i known, so i would love to hear ur opinion about it

oh what cockshit. do they print that line in the little booklet they gave you? but i’m still gonna be polite and once again pretend i’m busy.

hmm, okie then,
would it be good if i call u now?

what the hell. now i feel threatened. i could receive a brainwash while my lazy butt is still parked upon my chair! the sanctuary of my laziness has been violated. think think think how to stall. how to remain polite. or should i just tell him NO DAMMIT YOU GO TO HELL AND YOU DIE THERE.

uhh ok i shall pretend i’m busy talking to my overseas brother.

kk nvm
dont disturb u now den, i gtg liaoz sleepy~

finally got the hint yah?

i think this guy was trying to get me into mlm (multilevel marketing), though yanling suggested some christian thing. possible, i guess, but my money’s still on the former.

i’m not so irritated by the brainwash attempt. i’ve had it before, just be irritatingly evasive and they tend to leave you alone. but it’s a spoil market type of thing. if people contacted people they’d lost touch with only when they need something… well. it’s just so sad, right? like this.

go on! get in touch with someone you haven’t spoken to for sometime, TODAY! now! for no good reason except to find out what’s happening. it’s nice.

cny visiting

these few nights have been rather busy.

wed – reunion dinner at grandma’s.
thu – guard duty. bah.
fri – went to a warrant officer’s place. nothing much, just watched kung fu hustle (again. groan) and watched them play blackjack. with bets ranging from $2 to $10. wow.
sat – friend’s place.

and today (sunday) i actually tried new stuff! haha. first. in the afternoon. my first karaoke session. reaffirmed that i can’t sing. bleah. although i did reasonably well in tears in heaven, i think. hmm. but it was fun lah. not like the others there were very good as well. well some were not bad. shucks. practising since young, i bet. tsk.

and for some reason english songs don’t seem very good to sing. haha. and chinese songs, i don’t know the lyrics, so very irritating. the words appearing on the tv are in 繁体 (fan ti) so i can’t really make them out very well. gah.

but it’s fun lah. haha. trying to sing, and observing others do it.

then my friend’s place for dinner. this time i had my first brush with gambling. as in really gambling lah, with money. played simple card games. a bit of blackjack and some in-between game. think i made about $6 today. wasn’t really counting, so it’s an estimate. oh well. haha not good to do it too much lah. shall limit it to the cny period.

still, it’s great to have done something new. even if it’s something so trivial. yay. change is on the way!

cny larlarlar

i’m home at 0945 on cny eve. our celebration was really quick. hooray! that almost puts me in the cny mood already =P

too bad about guard duty tmr. as it is, no one did anything horrible enough to kena extra duty and replace me. shucks.

i’m supposed to be on off on friday, but i’ve heard that we can zao early… after this radio prac test (maybe about 4h?)… so yeah i think i’d cancel the off and enjoy the free halfday. hmm.

my counterfeit passport photo got rejected! shucks. not because of poor quality photoshopping, though… more of the angle. apparently you need a front-on shot. not the body tilted sideways because there’s actually someone beside me type. dang.

apparently constantine doesn’t suck! i was quite interested by the trailer. and i’ve read comics (neil gaiman’s sandman) where the character appeared. so. haha. interested lah. shall try to catch it this weekend or something.

i’m currently hooked on csi. coolness. that’s what it is. and the theme song rocks. who are you? who, who, who, who? haha.

happy lunar new year, guys. for those of you who enjoy cny anyway.

eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

How happy is the blameless vestal’s lot!
The world forgetting, by the world forgot.
Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind!

-Alexander Pope

after watching finding neverland last night, i suddenly wanted to check if eternal sunshine really scores 1 point more on my personal rating list. and oooh boy, it really does.

Another poster

i mean, i’ve already blogged about it before, but. aiyah. dunno how to describe it lah. i just love it. was tearing a lot during the show. haha. i’m a closet crybaby. when watching some shows anyway.

it’s currently my Favourite Movie of All Time! wow. in fact i’ve just placed an order for the dvd on amazon. haha. oh wow. hmm.

movie matters

seems like it’s good-movie season right now, with lots of the golden globe nominees screening recently.

i watched finding neverland today. it was fantastic. i can’t really begin to describe it… suffice to say it far exceeded my expectations. which weren’t very high anyway, thanks to its rather boring trailer.

also caught hotel rwanda recently, it was quite good. but probably the impact on me wasn’t that great because i’d caught schindler’s list just awhile back. while it’s two different events, the plot was just too similar to make the same type of impression on me. but good anyway. made me look up the history of the place a little.

Golden Globe Nominees

My Very Own Movie Review Scores
(based solely on how much i enjoyed the film, on a scale of 1-10)


(6) The Aviator
(?) Closer
(9) Finding Neveland
(7) Hotel Rwanda
(8) Kinsey
(?) Million Dollar Baby


(10) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
(9) The Incredibles
(2) The Phantom of the Opera
(?) Ray
(?) Sideways

yeah i didn’t enjoy the phantom. so sue me. left with four more movies to catch. i’m interested in closer and ray. the other two didn’t particularly impress me with the trailers, but they DID win (not just get nominated) stuff so should be quite good? i’d probably catch them sometime, even if not in cinema. see how the peer reviews go. haha.


i’ve suddenly got a lot of work to do in office. my colleague, who’s ording in march, is getting scolded a lot because he was unlucky and was visited by the formation safety officer who proceeded to write an unpleasant report. suay man. army sucks.

i think the stress is starting to get to me.