home photo studio

i think i’m never having my photo taken outside again. as in for official documents and stuff.

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i needed to apply for a new passport since my current one is almost ten years old. i could apply a few months later, i guess, but since i’d be going america in april and i think my p6 photo is outdated, i figured i may as well get it done now.

so a passport-sized (duh!) photo was needed… which i lack. what i did was to photoshop a picture back from sdd (senior dance & dinner)… basically just traced out the outline and deleted the background, then replaced it with a picture of my white wall. haha. to improve realism. it’s not perfect, but i think it’s quite sufficient for my purposes!

the only thing is that i didn’t cut the photo very straight. as in physically. since i used scissors. hmm. hopefully it won’t matter. haha.


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  1. hahaha WOW. it’s really well done i must say.and u’re now one day per page too! yay!

  2. one day per page looks classier… but i bet it’s irritating for people who don’t visit regularly. let me know if that’s the case, guys!anyway the photo’s actually not-so-good quality when you look at it up close and ask people to scrutinise it… can see the jagged edges and stuff. haha.and people have commented that i looked cuter last time. got baby fat =P haha. bmt has aged me, man…

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