guard duties

chinese new year approaches! unlike many, i’m quite unexcited about it. cny in general, i mean. those of you who know why, well. you know why.

to make things even better, i’m going to be on duty on 9 feb, the first day of cny. haiyor. at least i’d get back one day of off. i think. hmm. there’d better be!

not to mention my 2x extra duties coming up in march… for something i feel is very minor. but apparently my warrant officer thinks is serious. stupid. i hate the army. fwah.

to elaborate. since many have asked. basically i was given a piece of faulty equipment (the horizontal t-bar couldn’t fit into the main section of the racal mast, if you know what the hell i’m saying). by right, i’m supposed to tell the platoon to exchange it with the store for a working one. but i deemed it a small problem since it’s just one part of the setting up procedure, and i didn’t want to waste everyone’s time so i just carried on with the lesson anyway. yeah and so because of this i get 2 extra duties. woohoo.


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  1. Just two more months to go… (Right?) Hope nothing else crops up in the meantime.And great job on the rain-guy.

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