spring cleaning?

i’m normally no hygiene freak, but today i got really irritated by how sticky my keyboard was and decided to give it a little cleaning.

i didn’t actually have alcohol-based cleaning liquid, so i decided to use some anti-bacteria mama lemon instead. haha. and obviously i couldn’t just splash it all over the keyboard directly, so i had to remove the keys and clean them individually. which was a bitch. hmm.

so first, i took a photo of the keyboard as a reference for when i put the keys back. which i later realised i didn’t really need, actually. since i remembered roughly where the keys went. oh gosh am i that nerdy? not really… the com was on at that time so i could just push the buttons to test them, too. hmm.

next… off with the keys! i took them to wash in batches since my hands aren’t all-encompassing. did the lesser-used ones first.

the last keys i did were the main stuff. those which we type the most with. ie. the dirtiest. oh, i was also on msn at that time. as xianna can no doubt attest to, i’m not really very good when typing blind.

and finally… voila! a clean(er) keyboard. yeah i know it’s not perfect, but my fingers don’t get sticky anymore from simply typing. yay.


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