movie review

watched 2 movies today i’d quite enjoyed. surprisingly so.

i hadn’t been expecting much from the village, m night shyamalan’s 4th movie… loved sixth sense, but was kinda ick about unbreakable and signs. so maybe it’s because i started the show with low expectations, or maybe it’s because i was actually caught off-guard for the final twist, but yeah i did enjoy it.

the aviator is like a 3hour-long mini-biography of howard hughes, a truly fascinating character. i was the only one out of a group of 4 (who watched the show today) who’d liked it, though. maybe because lately i’ve been so acutely aware of how little i’m doing with my life, this oddball who goes around doing so much seems so… inspirational? haha. not quite, but something like that.

apparently my taste in movies is a little odd. haha. but hmmph. why do i have to like the same stuff as you anyway. it’s my taste! grr.


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