more on 21st

just came back from jolene’s 21st bday thingy (at marina mandarin). it was… expensive-looking. nice food. haha. quite enjoyable overall lah, i guess. but the whole thing’s just too… formalish. for my taste. sure it’s expensive and impressive and stuff, and it seemed like jolene really enjoyed herself, but it’s just not my style lah.

i think my ideal celebration will be just a small gathering with my closest friends from various cliques all at the same table. somehow knowing each other by name at least, having some conversation going on. restaurant, home, whatever. apparently zhengyi’s had one. seemed wonderful. i’m jealous. haha.

alas, that idea just doesn’t seem too practical for me. some of my friends are cliqueless, for one. as in i’m just friends with them but they don’t know my other friends. and some are just introverted (like me!) and will probably just feel weird in such a situation.

and heck, if i had the chance to have a group of, say, ten at a table, i also don’t know who i’d pick. haha. some are old friends i don’t interact much with anymore, some are relatively newly-acquired talk to a lot but dunno what’d happen in time to come people. hmm. and some in between lah. a few confirmed slots lah i guess, but still. a lot of question marks.

i think i have too many ‘closer friends’ and those, ultimately, aren’t really THAT close in the end. sucks.

(do i just happen to be insulting vaguely some of the people who visit this blog? haha. err. sorry lah. just the way i’m thinking right now. it varies from time to time.)

ah heck mine will be in uk anyway. probably just eating bread on that day or something. shrug.

so alone.


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  1. jolene had a dinner bash?!tell me more, tell me more!!

  2. You could always have one b4 you leave heehehee *grinzzz* I would be more than happy to go!!!! PARTY ON!!!!

  3. pig lar, got free food then lydat liao.tsk tsk.

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