new phone

my phone’s loudspeaker died. not that i actually use the loudspeaker function all that often, but it happens to be the thing which plays the ringtones as well.

in other words, my phone was soundless.

unwilling to fork out money to service a 1.5yr-old phone, i went off to get myself a new phone – Gamespot’s Best Phone of 2004!

The Nokia N-Gage QD.

i see expressions of shock all around. yeah well. i’m not planning to play n-gage games anytime soon, but i thought that since it was just about the cheapest nokia phone with the symbian os around… should try try a bit and see what the fuss with smartphones was about right?

oh well. back to trying to figure out how it works. with luck i’d be able to install a video player by the time i do guard duty this thursday. haha.


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  1. HAHAHA oh so tt’s why u hvn’t replied my sms yet… dunno how to use it yet huh? =p can’t believe u got an n-gage… heh hehme

  2. Whoa. The first thing I think of about the N-Gage is sidetalking, but I know that’s been excised from the QD.So, how is it as a phone? (And is it really the cheapest?!)

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