hmm. looks like i’m on a blogging frenzy now. photoblogging, anyway.

so. i’ve become fatter since the end of the trainee days. instructor life is going well (or poorly, depending on point of view) for me, it seems. gaining weight! partially because i’ve practically stopped exercising, partially because of…


i just love chocolate ice cream. haha. die die die. fat fat fat. unhealthy unhealthy unhealthy. oh heck by the time i’m 60 and have clogged-up arteries they’d have invented liposuction or something. oh wait, they already have it? and it doesn’t help much? uh oh.

anyway. remember the frogs which were plaguing my pond (still are, have to go frog-catching every few weeks or so)? well. apparently they’re spawning in my pond. irritating. dunno where they do it, can’t really see the eggs. fwah. anyway. you know how tadpoles are considerably cuter than irritating-croaking-in-the-night frogs?

well, my sis thinks so, anyway. she caught a few of them and is keeping them in a jar. haha. she’s obsessed with these things. i think i used to be too, quite long ago. the problem is when they actually start growing legs and metamorphosing into the terrible croakers. wonder what’d happen then. i suspect my mum will just make her throw them away before that happens. oh well. but in the meantime, they make relatively cute li’l pets. i guess.


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  1. woah..dun tell me u finished the entire tub on your own!!!…

  2. haha… no lah. i think i did about 2/3 though… over the course of a mere 2 days.DIE.

  3. ah boy will die when he comes uk. haagen-daas and ben&jerrys go on offer quite often.. like, one tub will only cost u 6sgd (as compared to 13 u get at ntuc!!) and cheaper alternatives like carte d’or (hehheh), will only cost you about 4 bucks.they didn’t invent freshman 15 for nothing!

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