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home photo studio

i think i’m never having my photo taken outside again. as in for official documents and stuff.

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i needed to apply for a new passport since my current one is almost ten years old. i could apply a few months later, i guess, but since i’d be going america in april and i think my p6 photo is outdated, i figured i may as well get it done now.

so a passport-sized (duh!) photo was needed… which i lack. what i did was to photoshop a picture back from sdd (senior dance & dinner)… basically just traced out the outline and deleted the background, then replaced it with a picture of my white wall. haha. to improve realism. it’s not perfect, but i think it’s quite sufficient for my purposes!

the only thing is that i didn’t cut the photo very straight. as in physically. since i used scissors. hmm. hopefully it won’t matter. haha.


guard duties

chinese new year approaches! unlike many, i’m quite unexcited about it. cny in general, i mean. those of you who know why, well. you know why.

to make things even better, i’m going to be on duty on 9 feb, the first day of cny. haiyor. at least i’d get back one day of off. i think. hmm. there’d better be!

not to mention my 2x extra duties coming up in march… for something i feel is very minor. but apparently my warrant officer thinks is serious. stupid. i hate the army. fwah.

to elaborate. since many have asked. basically i was given a piece of faulty equipment (the horizontal t-bar couldn’t fit into the main section of the racal mast, if you know what the hell i’m saying). by right, i’m supposed to tell the platoon to exchange it with the store for a working one. but i deemed it a small problem since it’s just one part of the setting up procedure, and i didn’t want to waste everyone’s time so i just carried on with the lesson anyway. yeah and so because of this i get 2 extra duties. woohoo.

spring cleaning?

i’m normally no hygiene freak, but today i got really irritated by how sticky my keyboard was and decided to give it a little cleaning.

i didn’t actually have alcohol-based cleaning liquid, so i decided to use some anti-bacteria mama lemon instead. haha. and obviously i couldn’t just splash it all over the keyboard directly, so i had to remove the keys and clean them individually. which was a bitch. hmm.

so first, i took a photo of the keyboard as a reference for when i put the keys back. which i later realised i didn’t really need, actually. since i remembered roughly where the keys went. oh gosh am i that nerdy? not really… the com was on at that time so i could just push the buttons to test them, too. hmm.

next… off with the keys! i took them to wash in batches since my hands aren’t all-encompassing. did the lesser-used ones first.

the last keys i did were the main stuff. those which we type the most with. ie. the dirtiest. oh, i was also on msn at that time. as xianna can no doubt attest to, i’m not really very good when typing blind.

and finally… voila! a clean(er) keyboard. yeah i know it’s not perfect, but my fingers don’t get sticky anymore from simply typing. yay.

toilet graffiti

“Someone pasted your phone number on the toilet cubicle wall at stc. Second floor”

this is an actual sms i received from a colleague. stc = block i lecture at. wow. it’s rather distressing. whatever did i do? gosh. apparently a piece of paper with my name and number was found pasted there. haiyah.

hopefully it was just some sort of weird mistake (though i can’t really imagine what), but it’s just… weird lah. gah.

movie review

watched 2 movies today i’d quite enjoyed. surprisingly so.

i hadn’t been expecting much from the village, m night shyamalan’s 4th movie… loved sixth sense, but was kinda ick about unbreakable and signs. so maybe it’s because i started the show with low expectations, or maybe it’s because i was actually caught off-guard for the final twist, but yeah i did enjoy it.

the aviator is like a 3hour-long mini-biography of howard hughes, a truly fascinating character. i was the only one out of a group of 4 (who watched the show today) who’d liked it, though. maybe because lately i’ve been so acutely aware of how little i’m doing with my life, this oddball who goes around doing so much seems so… inspirational? haha. not quite, but something like that.

apparently my taste in movies is a little odd. haha. but hmmph. why do i have to like the same stuff as you anyway. it’s my taste! grr.


hmm. approx 5.5% of the not-to-be-wasted year has slipped by. wasted, of course.

a rather portentous to kick off my one and only (fuzzy, rather undefined) resolution… sigh.

more on 21st

just came back from jolene’s 21st bday thingy (at marina mandarin). it was… expensive-looking. nice food. haha. quite enjoyable overall lah, i guess. but the whole thing’s just too… formalish. for my taste. sure it’s expensive and impressive and stuff, and it seemed like jolene really enjoyed herself, but it’s just not my style lah.

i think my ideal celebration will be just a small gathering with my closest friends from various cliques all at the same table. somehow knowing each other by name at least, having some conversation going on. restaurant, home, whatever. apparently zhengyi’s had one. seemed wonderful. i’m jealous. haha.

alas, that idea just doesn’t seem too practical for me. some of my friends are cliqueless, for one. as in i’m just friends with them but they don’t know my other friends. and some are just introverted (like me!) and will probably just feel weird in such a situation.

and heck, if i had the chance to have a group of, say, ten at a table, i also don’t know who i’d pick. haha. some are old friends i don’t interact much with anymore, some are relatively newly-acquired talk to a lot but dunno what’d happen in time to come people. hmm. and some in between lah. a few confirmed slots lah i guess, but still. a lot of question marks.

i think i have too many ‘closer friends’ and those, ultimately, aren’t really THAT close in the end. sucks.

(do i just happen to be insulting vaguely some of the people who visit this blog? haha. err. sorry lah. just the way i’m thinking right now. it varies from time to time.)

ah heck mine will be in uk anyway. probably just eating bread on that day or something. shrug.

so alone.

paint it red

hmm. haven’t been around the world much, have i? 7 countries (3%) isn’t really much. and one of them (indonesia) is kinda a cheat… (batam’s part of indonesia right?)

oh well. that should change quite a bit this year! yay.

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phone? player?

hmm. so i haven’t exactly got my priorities right. but after fiddling with the n-gage for some time…

i can now watch south park on my n-gage!

cool huh. the sound seems to be a bit out of sync but i’m sure i can go tweak some settings somewhere sometime. haha.

and meanwhile my contacts remain pitifully empty. bah. haha. time to go add them in…

new phone

my phone’s loudspeaker died. not that i actually use the loudspeaker function all that often, but it happens to be the thing which plays the ringtones as well.

in other words, my phone was soundless.

unwilling to fork out money to service a 1.5yr-old phone, i went off to get myself a new phone – Gamespot’s Best Phone of 2004!

The Nokia N-Gage QD.

i see expressions of shock all around. yeah well. i’m not planning to play n-gage games anytime soon, but i thought that since it was just about the cheapest nokia phone with the symbian os around… should try try a bit and see what the fuss with smartphones was about right?

oh well. back to trying to figure out how it works. with luck i’d be able to install a video player by the time i do guard duty this thursday. haha.