2004 in review

2004, like 2003, was an uneventful year. that about summarises the happenings of the past 2 years, sadly. so unlike my first ‘new year post’ back in end 2002.

this can easily be blamed on ns, but i choose not to do so. it’s just an easy excuse. i’m sure i could have used my time more productively, especially since i stay out. doing office hours most of the time. if i can’t make use of what spare time i have now, will my whole life be empty and meaningless when i enter the workforce in the future?

i’ve hated the whole army experience. the culture, the function of the army, everything. i recognise the need for its existence, and that’s probably why i serve. plus, of course, there’s no legal way out once you’re done with jc. i think. still, i’m entitled to my own opinion while doing it, and it’s not a particularly happy one. 4 more months to ord though, so that’s something i can put aside soon. for awhile. yay.

so i’d be off to school next year. in the uk. alone. seriously alone. i mean, with friends in the same country, but that’s about it. haiyah. hopefully there’s some pretty intelligent nice single singaporean girl going the same uni also. haha. fat hope huh? oh well. doubt i’d be getting attached during uni lah. that kinda sucks. i’ve decidedly recently that i’m the aim-to-be-attached kinda guy. but no luck finding attachees. what to do.

and my brain’s rusty! sian. seriously rusty. even blog entries? can’t match the standard of yesteryear. of the jc years, to be more specific. haiyah. what more, studying. i’m so dead.

i’m still wondering what to do next year after ord, before studying. sigh. it’s all stuff i’ve gotta plan out, roughly at least. otherwise 2005’s gonna be another wasted year. and that is NOT something i’d want. especially since there’s no more ns to blame it on.

2005 is to be a meaningful year. hopefully the next new year entry i pen will be one of triumph.

happy new year, dudes.

p.s. on a sidenote, i love egg is really hilarious. some japanese product line i think. i dunno. it’s just damn amusing. haha.


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  1. wow!!! ur new year rainman is so so so beautifully done!!! u are such a genius, louis!!! :D

  2. oh. yay! my genius is appreciated at last. ahaha.crazy only lah you. =P

  3. The new year decorations were pretty cool, while it was still up. He could use some cheering up.Anyway, I don’t you’ll feel so lonely once you go into university. And really, you’re such a nice guy, I’m sure you’ll meet someone who likes you in due time.Spare time isn’t necessarily meant for accomplishing great things. Don’t fret it, and have a belated Happy New Year!

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