lucky us?

it seems kinda… surreal. being surrounded in tsunami-affected areas, and being untouched ourselves. singapore sure is lucky, huh? well-sheltered harbour and whatnot. the recent disaster has stirred up some recollections of primary school social studies stuff.

“a single death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic”. perhaps a callous view, but an accurate one nonetheless. as with all the other ‘big events’ in the past, the commotion generated will die down and recent events relegated to memory. only those who are personally affected will actually keep the event in their hearts. such is human nature, i suppose. sometimes i bother why people bother. but short-term help is better than nothing, definitely.

oh well.

anyway, rj has moved to bishan! i think. students will be going to the new campus starting 2005. if i were in this batch of jc students, i’d probably have gone there instead of vj. and who knows how different life would have been? hmm.

plus, only 2 years of ns. ^!#^%#@!^@$&^!

but what-ifs are like that. just stuff to wonder about, and never really know for certain.


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