movie watch

just visited apple trailers today… suddenly spotted 5 movies i’m vaguely interested in! that’s a lot. usually i see none. haha.

batman begins – actually, i didn’t find the trailer all that cool. the only reason i’m interested is because i’m a bit of a batman fan, and this movie is supposed to rescue the franchise from the level of silliness the batman films descended into starting from batman and robin. aiyah see how it’s progressed when the next trailer comes out.

charlie and the chocolate factory – nostalgia! that roald dahl story from longago. directed by tim burton! cool. i liked nightmare before christmas. and big fish. and johnny depp as willy wonka just amuses me.

chicken little – a non-pixar computer-animated disney movie? well, it looks amusing enough. and rather cute. probably not as deep, but watchable. another show to bring my sis to watch, i guess =P

hitchhikers’ guide to the galaxy – funny. just quoted from the book a few days back, and out comes a movie version. nothing much revealed in the trailer yet, but definitely something i’m interested in. for now, anyway.

melinda and melinda – it’s listed as a comedy, but the concept (whatever that is) seems interesting enough. i didn’t really get what was going on in the trailer, but it somehow piqued my interest anyway. reminds me of something like sliding doors. hmm.


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  1. Does Melinda and Melinda involve hot girl on girl action? What am I thinking – why else would you be interested in it?- you know who

  2. Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka creeps me out. But I trust Tim Burton not to screw it up.On the other hand, I don’t know what to think about the HHGTTG movie. What I’ve been seeing online hasn’t been very comforting.Yeah. A coincidence that I was watching trailers today too!

  3. who the heck is ‘you know who’? contrary to the title, i’ve not the foggiest…

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