so i’ve made another little step in being vaguely it-savvy. haha. the first step was gmail, and now… plaxo!

plaxo’s basically an electronic address book service. hopefully, i can replace the numerous word, txt, and excel files on my computer with this. aside from storing all your contacts (email, phones, addresses, etc) online, there’s a nifty part. if a registered user updates his information, the data will be updated on his friends’ address books as well! otherwise, well. you can also manually input information, then can request for update easily (with a click of a button, you’d send the non-registered guys an email requesting they update their info. maybe can be done before xmas every year?).

so you can think of it as an auto-updating address book.

the BEST part? unlike friendster, it has none of that voyeuristic “oh lemme look through my friends’ friends’ friends’ friends photos for pretty faces oh no i don’t have enough links gotta add them all!” factor. or less of it, anyway. which is good. though admittedly less entertaining. bleah.

great concept in theory, i think. but in practice? probably hopeless. difficult to get everyone to register and update their information. i’m not deleting those files of mine anytime soon. but may as well try right. haha. hope it catches on sometime. oh well.


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