Free Image Hosting at

i’ve just discovered imageshack. it’s great! basically allows me to host unlimited pictures. each with a maximum size of 1mb, but that’s no big obstacle lah. i’ve already updated my blog and old livejournal so that the few images i had are now largely hosted by it.

the big deal is that, i’m no longer reliant on my pacnet account! which was disgustingly expensive. i’ve been using it for two main purposes anyway – webspace and email. the latter is probably solvable with a gmail account, and the former… well, i use my webspace primarily to host images, anyway. yay.

$5.20 per month may not sound like much, but a penny saved is a penny earned! plus, considering the fact that webhosting services can give you something like 100mb for similar prices (as opposed to the 5mb i got from pacnet), it’s really wasted money lah.


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