ns ponderings

i’m having a lull period right now. because the cadet course has gone to taiwan along with a large group of the instructors, and there aren’t many (almost none) trainee platoons in SI right now, it’s like heaven in the office. nothing to do. practically. i do have one small assignment to finish (some paperwork stuff), but it’s almost done and i still have lots of time to do it. haha. so in the end i can safely do my own stuff like read my own books. this rocks, man!

2 weeks’ time and the dream ends, though. the taiwan people will be back, and a whole barrage of courses will begin. i think there’re more platoons this time because of the upcoming dragon year intake. or something like that. the price to pay for shorter ns periods, i guess… i say, it’s worth it!

still have no idea what to do after ord and before schooling. haiyah. as in, long term. work? as what? slack? haha. that sounds appealing. but i don’t really want it wasted just like that… fwah. how how how. haiyah.


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  1. do something that u won’t get have the chance to when u finally grow up. these long breaks don’t come easily…if you’ve always been wondering if teaching’s for you, sign up for relief teaching!or… you could do your first-aid course, pick up a language… clean up your room?and of course, LEARN TO COOK. ahh. that’s important survival skills man.

  2. lets go on a trip man. like. SERIOUSLY.

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