not so early

was bored earlier and thought the council group has been quiet for quite long so i thought i’d write a little something to liven things up a bit. then after sending it i thought my blog has been quiet for quite long so i thought i’d post this little something to live things up a bit. so. tada!

you know the (not so recent) punctuality campaign we’re having? like ‘go to weddings on time’ and stuff. i was idling around recently (have been doing lots of that lately) and thought about the subject for a short while. and i think the gah’men is right! tardiness is a crime that should be punishable by death! or a really good scolding, anyway. i mean, think on the many times when you’ve arrived at a rendezvous venue on time (or god forbid, early!) and waited and waited and waited and went to the toilet and waited and went to popular bookstore and waited and so on. no? doesn’t sound familiar? oh yeah. you’re probably one of those latecomers, then =P

i mean, hey, i’m no angel myself. i’ve found that lately i’ve been paying less and less heed to punctuality. and that is precisely why latecoming is so evil! it’s like, contagious. those poor pathetic sods who do show up on time, they learn. they adapt. survival of the fittest – wasting precious minutes like that is hardly cool, yah? it’s like, admitting to the world that you’ve got nothing better to do than to turn up early. hence the term ‘fashionably late’. wait, isn’t that like an oxymoron or something? apparently not anymore, in our society. oh well. life’s like that.

i don’t expect anyone to start turning up early just because of what i’ve typed here (who am i kidding, i’ve already been seduced to the darkside myself!), but… i dunno. maybe lessen the magnitude of lateness? haha. or give some advance notice so the early bird, who’s probably already done eating his worm.


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  1. ahahahahah *hangs head in guilt*i have -somewhat- reformed you know. been more or less punctual for all my stuff… okay, maybe about 3-5 minutes late….. 5-8?OKAY. maximum 10!!

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