cybertv junkie

watched schindler’s list last night. i’m aware it’s pieced together from various accounts and is probably riddled with inaccuracies (and romanticisations), but fact is, here’s a guy who saved about a thousand jews. for whatever motive, whatever the actual cost to self (the movie said he was broke at the end, but i read somewhere he was still rich), it doesn’t matter. yah? it amazes me. haha.

i started watching the o. c. as well. i’ve caught the pilot episode already, gonna watch the rest of season one soon. hmm. that makes quite a lot of shows i’m following. desperate housewives, joey, south park, justice league. yeah, i know the last two are cartoons. but they’re cool nonetheless. sometimes, only with animation, can you get that level of humour or superhero realism required.

(witness the cartoon-watcher try to justify himself)

actually i’ve always rather liked cartoons. starting with the good ol’ stuff like g. i. joe and transformers (which i sadly realised to be quite childish and unwatchable at this age =p) when young. i remember loving those shows. haha.

ok i think most children would have watched cartoons, but i actually continued watching them in my early teens. those with a teen audience in mind. mainly those derived from comics. x-men, spider-man, batman, gargoyles. all had pretty good storylines, good characters, etc etc. coolness.

in fact, those teen cartoons are still appealing even now. i’m not an adult yet ok! i’m entitled to teen cartoons. haha. it’s like reading fantasy lah. lost in a world of make-believe.

hmm. i wonder if i can find some episodes anywhere around. probably harder to find cos they’re rather old already, but still. should be possible.

retro tv.


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  1. Transformers seasons are being sold now at stores so hey grab them if you can hehehe…… One more thing there’s always anime if you want to watch you know…

  2. i already have all the transformer episodes. which is how i’d found out they were kiddy.and anime’s for a totally different audience altogether… not my cup of tea.

  3. Desperate Housewives rocks! :)

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