long update

a friend of mine noticed that i have been blogging much more infrequently of late. i guess that’s true… have been busier of late. things have been happening recently… like my dad was warded last week. gonna be discharged tomorrow, so yeah should be able to relax more. but for awhile it got me pretty worried and stressed and thinking of those horrible adult issues (which, by the way, us kids should not be subjected to unduly!) and other stuff. ow.

incidentally, one of the things i’d thought about was investing. again. you know how i was trying to find out more about the topic quite some time back? well, i got into thinking of shares again… in fact, in january this year i’d been toying with the idea of getting singtel stock. i just realised that the price has gone up approximately 25% since then.


my personal life’s kinda glum, too. stagnant. not placid, stagnant. it stinks. haiyah. another of my friends had asked me what the problem was. girlfriend? best friend? to the first, i’d answered – no problem. except maybe for the fact that there isn’t one. then i realised that the one answer fit both questions.

i mean it’s not like i’m looking for one delibrately or anything lah. it’s just that, well, it’d be good to know there’re people who’re there for you. and not just the “oh i’m here for anyone who comes” type of thing, but there for you.

i know it’s probably my fault and i’m ignoring some of you guys out there who might be feeling insulted reading this right now, but well. that’s the way i feel lah. in the past i’d have had people i’d turn to instantly. but now… i dunno. it’s the feeling of having drifted. i guess. even the one person i did end up confiding in (aside from family), is well. oceans apart? oh well.

to make things worse, i’ve got footrot. irritating. looks to be getting better though, i’ve been applying generous lumps of that antifungal cream the saf doctors gave me. free medicine does have its perks. i can’t really figure out how i got it, since i haven’t really been doing any field training or anything lately. just teaching classes and staying in office? hmm. i guess wearing those boots the whole day is really bad. i dunno.

on another note, hoover rojak from whampoa market is fantastic. it must be like, the best rojak in singapore or something. a definite must-eat. yummy.

this thursday and next monday are public holidays. i applied for leave on friday too, so i’ve got a 5-day weekend coming. whoohoo! though i’ve got no idea how to spend it. sigh. better start on my christmas shopping…


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  1. u know, the thing about life being stagnant and the friends part. many a times i’ve been wanting to tell u we ALL feel like this sometimes. maybe not all, but MOST. so maybe knowing the fact that its a normal feeling and people DO feel like that from time to time, it might make u feel better. i get past that by telling myself i’m not the only one feeling this way and really, almost at that instant, you’ll feel slightly better. just slightly, but definitely better.

  2. haha. sort of a “quit whining you brat! get over it!”, you mean? i agree with that sentiment, largely. it’s just that… well, i think there’re things i can do to improve this situation. to reduce the bouts of such feelings.but damned if i know what those things are.

  3. aiyah not in a quit whinning you brat tone la. maybe the capital letters seemed harsh.

  4. Baby. Sometimes having time to yourself is great you know. Like living out as your own boss and deciding when you wanna do what and such. Beats having to slave off your time working and working …. for silly causes that i do not believe in.Also, my personal thoughts on best friend/ gf thing. I think too many at times we just sit around and allow things to happen. And when nothing seems to happen all of us has a tendency to lament (whine?) on it.think the usual NS syndrome on a whole bunch of guys hudling around yesterday’s life staring at chiobus like joanne peh or fiona xie and finally everyone realises ITS TIME TO GET ATTACHED. =)I mean, yeah. We’re just sitting around and expecting things. We (like me too!) should really start thinking more on how we wanna make things more meaningful.that is.If everyone has a luxury of having leave/ off/ book out. Some poor asses are just being bullied by SAF. think,Me.

  5. it’s always nice to retreat into ur own fantasy world sometimes. for eg. korean dramas! =p i do that quite a lot when i’m feeling lonely, especially now, since everyone else is studying for exams. bah!howz ur foot?

  6. Hmmm…. Yozz been thinking to much recently… I understand how you feel. Actually we all do…. Maybe try doing what Morrie does, immersing yourself in this feeling which i feel is self-pity and step back?!?! Easier said than done…. Actually by the time i add this comment it would be more of trash than of use to you already….. Anyway, cheer up yah?!

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