Vastra – a haven where winds flow across parallels of latitude. The polarising effect of gentle breezes and ominous gales creates a unique harmony for the people of Vastra to be swept and lulled by. Vastrans found it within them to direct colossal masses of air where and when they fancied. Channelling this power to greater use, it has manifested as many forms for the people of Vastra. Indeed, windmills and anemometers have become a thing of the past. Generating electricity and fuel to ensure that massive boats and cars run like clockwork is now the primary function of wind in this prolific economy. With blanketing wind masking the surface of the earth peppered with a douse of elusive dust, our Vastran warriors leave an illusory battlefield, surreal for its ominous enemies.

Ixzea – once a forgotten city deep in the abyssal domain of the sea, it has emerged victorious in the battle of the oceans. Now taking on new heights, they endeavour to conquer land and its inhabitants. With the ability to control the rotation of the moon, Ixzeans have found it plausible to control both the land and the sea with a wave of their destructive hands. In sync with the rhythm of the waves and the celestial balance of the land and the sea, the people of Ixzea have managed to gain the respect of the divine goddesses of land. Fortified by this respect, Ixzeans not only control the relentless torrential cracks in the epicentre of the world, creating social unrest and upheaval eventually resulting in annihilation.

Cepheus – an arid land with vast amounts of various extractable ores and precious metals embedded in the rich earth. Early pioneers came for the sole purpose of mining, but the industry has grown so advanced that the once non-sustainable economy has transformed into a permanent community of skilled workers basking in great wealth. Years of intensive research has produced an array of all-superior metal armoury and weapons and vast knowledge of the nature of all metals, elevating the status of Cepheans to master craftsmen. Able to produce any alloy for their purpose, a power once unimaginable is now wielded by the descendants of Cepheus.

Trixus – a semi-arid territory with immense quantities of natural lodestones affecting the basic quality of the land. Magnetic metals, such as iron, were never regarded as useful since they were nearly unusable in this magnetic landscape. However, the ancestors of Trixus discovered that the movement of various metals in their land produced electrical currents, which they soon learnt to harness. Making use of their unique conditions, the Trixians prospered in the enhancing of the power of various tools. Using their great technological prowess, the people of Trixus went on to develop the highly devastating electron-charged weapons, bringing warfare to novel levels of extensive destruction.

Orion – an elusive city masked by a blinding prism of light. The spectrum of colours emerging from the city enhances its aesthetically advanced state. The people of Orion possess the power to control the most abundant ‘element’ in our dimension – electromagnetic radiation. Wielding the exclusive qualities of refraction and reflection, the Orions are invested with the supernatural ability to render themselves invisible and invoke the power of illusion. Drawing their strength from the omnipresent solar radiation, the people of Orion translate the rays and propagate its energy as a source of power, the key of modern technology in their hands.

Ravon – an island of magical beauty set in a crystal lake lost in the rugged mountains. Drowned in the whistles of wind through every crevice, the ballad of rushing water over every rocky stream and the soft healing rustle of fallen leaves, the Ravians live amidst a natural orchestra. As early connoisseurs of music, the Ravians took this art form to greater heights beyond all imagination. While the soft lull of dreamy melodies bred romance and vulnerability, jarring discords brought about a myriad of pain and aggression. Their ability to manipulate human emotions, coupled with the command of vicious sonic waves, contributes to the flourish of the land of Ravon.

Ikara – a lost savanna grassland punctured with frequent wildfires in the harsh brush. Legend speaks of the valiant capture of the mysterious flame phoenix, burnt for a whole 99 days and 98 nights before ending up on the table for the grand fete on the final night of celebrations. The mystical story explains the outstanding ability of Ikarians to control fire in its absolute form and to withstand the cruel temperatures of even the most severe conditions. Their impenetrable firewall and bold torches speaks volumes of the courage and tenacity of the Ikarians, garnering the danger of a single spark to create pandemonium.

Arrakis – a dense sweltering jungle, characterised by its stifling undergrowth and grand assortment of flora and fauna. While rival tribes attempted to conquer nature in the race to gain supremacy over the jungle, the Arrakians instead worked in accordance with Mother Nature, which further augmented their strength. The people of Arrakis gradually became more educated about the secrets of nature, especially in the fields of communication with animals, resourcefulness, and even the ability to coax the sudden growth of beasts and plants to secure them in a natural bastion. Their innate tracking ability taught them to be proficient in the skill of navigation, finding no obstruction in even the most dreadful environments.


look what i’d found! back in late 2001, i’d been in charge of coming up with the programme booklet for orientation 2002. part of the task was coming up with the backstory for our various ‘races’… i think shahirah did some of them, and i’d probably got some help for mine, but i’m pretty sure that i came up with cepheus, trixus, ravon, and ikara by myself. hmm.

my standard of english has definitely gone rotten. i was amazed when i stumbled upon the slips of paper (draft copy lah) which these were printed on. gosh. i don’t think i could produce any of it now. sheesh.


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  1. i almost wanted to ask eh wheres my OG group. but then erm yea. orientation 2002.*puts hands in pocket, whistles and looks elsewhere*

  2. silly toot. which one were you from anyway?

  3. can’t rem the name. but its the “V” one.

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