hmm. ok, the computer now has most of the essential programmes and stuff. seems that it’s still missing lots of stuff though. mainly games. haha. oh well.

i was actually gonna avoid installing icq altogether (obselete stuff, huh?) but for some reason i kinda missed it so i got it anyway. plus there’re still one or two dudes i talk to who haven’t moved on yet, so. heh. a practical excuse to cling on to the past yah?

we had some unit cohesion activity at wild wild wet on friday. even though i’d never been there before, i wasn’t very excited about it, but hey… an excuse to leave the office before lunch, then slack off somewhere until 5? sounded ok to me. and yeah it wasn’t particularly exciting. water slides are pretty fun, but there were only 3 rides open (thankfully, the really really scary looking one – sidewinder – was closed =p) and you had to QUEUE for them. so imagine waiting 5min in line for about 10sec of moderate fun and imagine how exciting the whole thing is. if there was at least some pool-sized facilities, could have exercised a little… but nooo!

actually there was one other ‘ride’ i thought might have been quite fun… the ‘shiok river’ thing. the idea is you’re supposed to lie on this float thingy and go round the area. appeals to the slacker in me lah. the problem is, the float cost $5 to rent! no way, man.

i think i’ve gotta try one of those superslack vacations one day. resort and dunnowat. haha. i’m such a pig yah.


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