log of an exhausted computer repairman

161004: computer discovered to be nonfunctional. repairman leaves it aside to entertain friends for the day.

171004: repairman mulls over probable problems. decision is made that the motherboard is fried, repairman purchases replacement motherboard, processor, and memory. system works ok for awhile but reboots on its own during the windows startup screen. software problem suspected.

181004: windows xp suspected to be cause of problem. system hard drive is formatted and repairman attempts to reinstall windows. same rebooting problem persists, preventing installation. repairman is pissed to realise he’s wiped out his c: drive for no reason at all.

191004: suspecting the memory to be the problem, repairman brings it to the shop for an exchange. new memory is brought home but the same problem persists. repairman now suspects motherboard of error, and plans to bring it in the next day.

201004: dinner appointment prevents further action upon issue at hand.

211004: repairman brings motherboard to shop for exchange, is told to bring everything for testing. repairman does so (irritated at wasted parking fees) and it is realised that the newly-replaced memory is faulty. AGAIN. repairman brings home the components once more and this time the system works fine.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

i’m beat. this whole fiasco took quite a bit of energy from me, constantly wondering what was wrong with the computer. bah. i should have just got the stuff tested right at the start… kept thinking it was a software issue initially. luckily i could do an exchange for the defective items. phew. never really encountered faulty new computer parts before… i now have a very low opinion of corsair valueselect ram. the name should have warned me =P


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  1. i wonder why u took dat photo. or how.i think i’ll never be as cool abt repairwork as to take a rest and take a photo of what was going on.

  2. aiyah. my sis took that shot lah! think i what. 4 arms ah. bleah.

  3. on mars they have 4 arms.

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