wallets galore

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so now i’ve got two birthday wallets! one from last year, one from yesterday. i really like them, actually – yeah i guess i kinda agree it’s time to convert from the old smelly rip curl wallet.

(incidentally, that old smelly rip curl wallet is a birthday wallet too, wayyyy back from sec2!)

i’ve not been using either of the new ones yet, though. the reasoning is that i might as well continue stinking up the current one, so that the new ones don’t need to go through the rigours of ns life. yeah.

i had been wondering for awhile what i was going to do with two, but realised it was quite ideal – one for uk use, one for sg use. so expect them to come into use only next year.

now onto the more important problem – how does one survive without a coin compartment in the wallet? do they use coins in the uk? =p


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  1. i think that’s what pockets are for.before you ask, they do have those in uk. :-p

  2. on a verrrrry unrelated note, i prefer the bottom one better. the on without the band. not like u’re asking for a comparison anyway. :Pand i thought guys dont like wallets with coin holders?

  3. If I’m not wrong there’s also a coin pouch for men…. Comes together with the key holder like mine hehehehhe

  4. haha! are you kidding? i use coins THRICE as much over here…-BEM-

  5. you have 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, £1, £2.. and they’re super super heavy. esp the last three denominations.. (actually the 2p is just as absurdly large)is that a hint for next year’s present?

  6. gosh. i know which wallet i’d be using in uk, then…and i love coinholder wallets! where else to keep the coins? i don’t wear pocketish stuff all the time, ya’know.and no i’m not hinting for nextyearbday presents. believe it or not, i don’t really like presents much lah. give me marnee! haha. err. a card will do =Pok. lastly. i’m not dimwitted (not that much anyway). i know there’re coins over there… just wanted to know if they’re in wide use. hmmph. irritatingly it seems they are. fwah.

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