buffets no more

the shiokness of 5-day week still hasn’t worn off. yesterday i was just thinking how sickening it was to have to return to work the next day – when i realised that it was only saturday. whoah. revelation. after a relatively interesting night trying out new stuff, it was good to know that i still had a full day ahead to slack.

so yesterday we tried this indonesian ala carte buffet place called The Rice Table. first heard about it from joanna, then from meiling’s bunch. it was quite nice, not exceptionally high quality, but pretty good ambience and stuff. it seemed like we only managed to eat a small, small amount though. very little for second servings and stuff.

it is a sad, sad day when you realise you cannot hold your own during a buffet anymore. for age has caught up with you, and it is just so, so sad… you realise that you’re a teen no longer. =P

that was followed by chocolate fondue at Haagen Dazs. the initial plan was to try out max brenner’s, but the queue was rather indecent. anyway the one at dazs came with ice cream cubes, and it was actually extremely fun dunking them into the liquid chocolate and watching them solidify. like the mcdonalds ice cream thing which they used to have. cheap thrill, i know, but for some weird reason i found it extremely enjoyable.

once again, a sign of age?


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