haha… i’ve met my platoon at last. i’m not exactly in charge of them, but i’d be taking them for all their vhf radio lessons. you can think of it like i’m not their form teacher, just a subject teacher.

it’s really very amusing. they’re fresh from bmt, so it’s all the botak heads and everything. but that’s not the main thing. the main thing is that they’re all so obedient! and respectful. ‘sergeant’ this and ‘sergeant’ that. haha. bmt still gives recruits a skewed idea of the rank hierarchy, i see.

i think it’s really good that i ended up in this vocation. gives me some teaching experience, actually. except that my current student are probably more well-behaved than my future ones will be. bleah.

you know, i’d love my job if it weren’t that my team’s currently got a lot of stupid admin rubbish to do. like formal lesson plans and stuff like that. it’s a real pain in the neck. often i find myself thinking that all this quality control stuff is really just counterproductive.



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  1. heh so long as you don’t haf ‘dunking recruits’ on ur lessons plan, i’m sure dey wun scrutinise it too much… n hey lessons plans r useful trng too…ame

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