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the latest object of my desire! to replace the extremely-old radio clock in my bedroom (the one which can’t even set the time properly now). it looks nice, has all the functions i want (digital radio! cool), it’s… good!

too bad it’s freaking $299. i was all for buying it earlier this morning (saw it in the life! paper), but then thought for awhile and decided that was an indecent price for what is ultimately a radio clock. fwah.

rational buying is no fun.


part-time job

say hello to the frogcatcher!

caught 4 frogs earlier. there’s probably a million left, but oh well. a step at a time?

haha. fun. some boyish things to do to destress from a long week? gah.

amphibious insomnia

it’s 4 in the bloody morning and i’m awake. why, you ask? not by choice, i assure you. apparently the pond at my house has been infested by FROGS and they’re all croaking away now. it’s damn noisy. gosh. it’s probably mating season now or something.

they’re no harm normally, but i don’t really relish being woken up in the middle of the night for the next frog orgy. with multiplied numbers, summore. anyone knows pest control agencies or something? do they even do frogs?

busy week

thu – range (shooting)

fri – range (duty)

sat – range (duty)

sun – guard duty

wah this sucks. each of these days ends really late summore. argh! can die.

everybody runs

but in the end, nobody escapes.


hmm. ok, the computer now has most of the essential programmes and stuff. seems that it’s still missing lots of stuff though. mainly games. haha. oh well.

i was actually gonna avoid installing icq altogether (obselete stuff, huh?) but for some reason i kinda missed it so i got it anyway. plus there’re still one or two dudes i talk to who haven’t moved on yet, so. heh. a practical excuse to cling on to the past yah?

we had some unit cohesion activity at wild wild wet on friday. even though i’d never been there before, i wasn’t very excited about it, but hey… an excuse to leave the office before lunch, then slack off somewhere until 5? sounded ok to me. and yeah it wasn’t particularly exciting. water slides are pretty fun, but there were only 3 rides open (thankfully, the really really scary looking one – sidewinder – was closed =p) and you had to QUEUE for them. so imagine waiting 5min in line for about 10sec of moderate fun and imagine how exciting the whole thing is. if there was at least some pool-sized facilities, could have exercised a little… but nooo!

actually there was one other ‘ride’ i thought might have been quite fun… the ‘shiok river’ thing. the idea is you’re supposed to lie on this float thingy and go round the area. appeals to the slacker in me lah. the problem is, the float cost $5 to rent! no way, man.

i think i’ve gotta try one of those superslack vacations one day. resort and dunnowat. haha. i’m such a pig yah.

log of an exhausted computer repairman

161004: computer discovered to be nonfunctional. repairman leaves it aside to entertain friends for the day.

171004: repairman mulls over probable problems. decision is made that the motherboard is fried, repairman purchases replacement motherboard, processor, and memory. system works ok for awhile but reboots on its own during the windows startup screen. software problem suspected.

181004: windows xp suspected to be cause of problem. system hard drive is formatted and repairman attempts to reinstall windows. same rebooting problem persists, preventing installation. repairman is pissed to realise he’s wiped out his c: drive for no reason at all.

191004: suspecting the memory to be the problem, repairman brings it to the shop for an exchange. new memory is brought home but the same problem persists. repairman now suspects motherboard of error, and plans to bring it in the next day.

201004: dinner appointment prevents further action upon issue at hand.

211004: repairman brings motherboard to shop for exchange, is told to bring everything for testing. repairman does so (irritated at wasted parking fees) and it is realised that the newly-replaced memory is faulty. AGAIN. repairman brings home the components once more and this time the system works fine.

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i’m beat. this whole fiasco took quite a bit of energy from me, constantly wondering what was wrong with the computer. bah. i should have just got the stuff tested right at the start… kept thinking it was a software issue initially. luckily i could do an exchange for the defective items. phew. never really encountered faulty new computer parts before… i now have a very low opinion of corsair valueselect ram. the name should have warned me =P

battery woes

my phone battery’s really dying. it can barely hold charge past one day… maybe for 30h only? that’s really little. haiyah.

considering the cost of a new battery ($60?), it seems so much more worth it to just get a new phone, extending the contract while i’m at it… the problem is, there doesn’t seem to be any phone on the market i’m interested in right now. i’m perfectly contented with my current model!

in fact, i’m thinking of trading in my current one for just another copy of it, brand new and with warranty, but it seems pretty dumb. haha. but maybe… i dunno. think i’d go examine the prices. though i bet the shopkeepers will glare at me when i tell them my plan.

i think i’m starting to get used to msn. it’s sickening! everyone else uses it so with 3 msn windows already open it’s more convenient to open another one. or something to that effect. hmm. icq’s going down, man…

wallets galore

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so now i’ve got two birthday wallets! one from last year, one from yesterday. i really like them, actually – yeah i guess i kinda agree it’s time to convert from the old smelly rip curl wallet.

(incidentally, that old smelly rip curl wallet is a birthday wallet too, wayyyy back from sec2!)

i’ve not been using either of the new ones yet, though. the reasoning is that i might as well continue stinking up the current one, so that the new ones don’t need to go through the rigours of ns life. yeah.

i had been wondering for awhile what i was going to do with two, but realised it was quite ideal – one for uk use, one for sg use. so expect them to come into use only next year.

now onto the more important problem – how does one survive without a coin compartment in the wallet? do they use coins in the uk? =p


i’ve finally washed the car!

i guess there is a limit to sloth. mine, anyway. the dirtiness of the car finally reached the threshold, i suppose, so up came the bucket, cloth, and glass wipe thingy (you know, the one with the rubber wipe, whatsit called?). now the car’s shiny again! though i didn’t bother doing it too thoroughly so there’re still a few solid specks here and there, but ah heck, they’d be accompanied by others soon enough anyway.

%!#$!@#@!$ birds.