my sister, the seer.

(i keep asking my sis to fetch stuff for me, so she’s probably a little irritated by it. but it’s so convenient! haha.)

me: ey get some spoons leh…

sis: why you always ask me to get things for you one? so lazy. next time nobody marry because you so lazy not my fault ah.


Posted on September 27, 2004, in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. gosh..reminds me of how my sisters used to “exploit” me when i was younger. Fetch water, add ice, throw things…sigh..being the youngest in the family sucks sometimes! Do treat your sister better yah?…

  2. Wahahah….. Agree with allan… My sis arh always bully me one…. One moment tell me to get for her the newspapers the next its the towels…. Man… But you would really miss her especially after you leave next year… No one to order around.. Maybe if you paid me money to serve u in uk I would…. Nyah nyah nyah!!!! SHOW ME THE MONEY $$$$$….

  3. you guys are such wet blankets.yeah! only one year left. better think of ways to torture her summore… she’d be p6 when i finish studying, and much less bully-able i think! =P

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