tada. the blog’s upgraded. there’re still some wrinkles i’d like to iron out, but can’t be bothered to right now. haha. so there.


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  1. Oooh, nice. You should try customising this design as well.

  2. oooohh. and at first i thought i clicked emil’s blog by accident. :P

  3. blink. do i know a junwei?anyway, yeah. the blog’s gonna go through further editing. i’m not really cool with using a generic blogger template, for some reason =P

  4. Hi there.. I was just reading your blog from a long time ago and you mentioned about the Milo Godzilla, do you know where to find it? Coz I’m a Milo Dinosaur fan and I can’t seem to find the bigger version.Thanks!

  5. hmm. wow. there sure are a lot of ppl i dunno coming along. anyway, the only place i recall right now with milo godzilla will be changi village… sure there’s others, i just dunno where. yup.

  6. Junwei is jiunwei, by the way. That’s just my hanyu pinyin name.

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